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 In this post we will talk about the three main areas you need to be concerned with when you are trying to get more customers into your Younique(TM)Business Successfully. To do this you will need to understand three simple steps to plan your marketing campaign effectively, so that it will show up as sales for you, and dollars in your bank account 

1) Understand who your target market is and what the “sweet spot” for you looks like.  What do I mean by that?  

Let’s start with what makes up your target market. Where are they located?  Is it the World, or a particular country, state, city, town or neighborhood? Once you know where to look, then you need to know their age,ethnicity,education,gender and annual household income or AHHI

You also need to know what your ideal customer thinks about so that you can craft your marketing to bridge between where they are in their life and where you want them to end up, namely solving their problems with your solution Vs. your competitor’s solution.  What do they want, like , love and hate?  What keeps them up at night?

Once you have this first bit of information about your ideal customer(sweet-spot customer) you are ready to move onto step 2.

 If you are having trouble with this step, do not move forward in your marketing strategy planning.  This is critical to your success.

Think back to your favorite customers that you have introduced to making money with your Younique(TM) Business.  What are they like?  

If you do not have customers, model what your sponsor does.  What are his or her customers like?

If you do have customers already, describe them in as much of a detailed fashion as you can, both in who they are demographically, but also why they bought from you in the first place.

Side note: Demographically Africa is looking pretty hot, at least until 2100. Just my opinion.

But remember to research the Demographics and Psychographics of your sweet- spot customers, these are the customers you really want.  Read this article in AWeber:

if you really want a good handle on psychographics


There are two possible reasons for why people will buy from you. The first, is an apparent reason or a surface reason that they first start to look at your product or service.  Typically they look like:

1) they have an impending event they need help with

2) a goal they can not reach

3) possibly a fear that they will have a problem a problem in the future( the worst kind of customer in my opinion as they typically do nothing)The reason you want to concentrate on, resonating with, in your marketing strategies, is one layer down in their psyche. That’s where people buy emotionally.  This is called a compelling reason

This will look like a:

1) Pain

2) Fear, but now it is a strong fear that they must do something about

3) Gain, and they will pound their fist on the table, because they are that frustrated that they need you to reach that goal.

There is a formula for measuring the gravity or strength of their compelling reason. unless they meet these criteria, they will do nothing with you or they will just tell you no.

Here is The “Secret” Formula

Compelling reason > pain of change( The compelling reason is greater than the pain of change.  

People hate change, and you represent change to everyone of your prospects.  What you have for them to buy, has to be greater in value than the pain of change.

There are also some internal conversations that are going on in your sweet-spot customer’s head too.  They are part of The Buying Decision Model.   It is also studied as the consumer buying model.  The Buying Decision Model was studied at the London School of Business and we will discuss it here.  

It involves adult to adult conversations typically rooted in logic and financial decision, an adaptive child, that says, “I want that thing” that you are helping them buy, and a nurturing parent, that tells the adaptive child they can have it.  

These conversations go on inside your head every time you decide on anything, especially  if it involves you buying anything.

There is also the conversation that your marketing is having that you need to be aware of, with all three parts of every human’s make-up psychologically.

If your marketing methods hit the wrong way with them, you get the Critical Parent, that sounds something like, “Can you believe they did that!”or ” I will never buy from them” or the Rebellious Child that says to your marketing, ” Oh, that is so stupid!”  

You do not want your marketing to talk to either one of these parts of your customers psyche. Once you figure out what the customer looks and acts like, that you would like to “hang out” with, or go to the movies with, or have over for a Weekend getaway at your cabin in the woods( they are like someone you would want as a friend) then you have found your “Sweet Spot” in your target market.

With these people in mind, you want to move onto the next step in your marketing plan and marketing strategies.   That is, what marketing strategies will you use now, that makes your sweet-spot, target-market, want to learn more about what you have to sell.

You will decide if you are going to use traditional, MLM methods, like calling a million leads on the phone, and interrupting them.  When? Always!  Social media the wrong way, or other methods.  You will always be an interruption when you call anyone or spam your link to them in social media!  Telemarketing and going for the no, is just about dead.

 If you want to call your customers, once they buy from you, and welcome them to the team or business or communicate with them in social media as part of their training that is fine.

But if you are bound and determined to make 25,50,100 or 150 , or more calls in a day, to reach your customers, let me at least see if I can help you.  

Here is a resource for getting a Million MLM leads for your Younique(TM) Business.

Another, more modern approach could be for you to write short articles or blog posts, that are written for a particular keyword, that you have researched in Google Keyword Planner.  

By now, you understand your sweet-spot, customer so well, that you will be able to write a short blog post that gives a solution to the problems they have:

1) typically people search for the answers to their problems in the search engines, like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

2) you will write these answers in the form of a short blog post.

3) they click on your article because it is written in such a way that the search engines love it and put it on page one.  

People when they Google, Yahoo or Bing something do not typically go past page one in their search.

Because of your research, you will know how many people will search for the keyword phrase or long-tail keyword phrase each month, that you write about.

I use Google Keyword Planner for My Research

On that blog post you will embed your sales page link. 

 Of that number, that find your solution article, a percentage will buy from you or join your newsletter or daily blog, or they will opt-in to your email autoresponder list, so that you can now drip market to them until they get to know like and trust you, and then buy from you.

These articles or blogs act like little sales robots.  They work for you 24/7 365 days a year.

You can be diving in the ocean or on the beach drinking a Mai Tai, and bing, your phone says you just made a $3,000 sale!  of course your results will vary.  You may make no money.  To see average earnings updated daily go here.  

Or, you may be like one of the ten millionaires we have crowned in the last 10 years. Or, you may decide you just want to use our marketing training products to sell more of your Younique(TM) products

The last step, once you decide what marketing strategies you are going to use, is to decide if you have the skill-sets you need to implement these strategies:

1) are willing to learn or discover the leveraged power of the Internet beyond social media?

2) Do you want to outsource these strategies?

The first one, you can implement if you work with us.  


If you want to outsource your solution, I would recommend The Costa Rica Masters Intensive in our products or you could learn on your own

In Summary:

Get to know who you really want to be your customers.  

1) use demographic and psychographic information about your sweet spot customers to figure out this first step.

2)  figure out what you will do to reach them, now that you know who they really are.

3) learn how to do all this and many more ways to market to you sweet-spot customers with us, or you can outsource that function

(Oh, and we teach you how to avoid those outsourcer pitfalls too in that process)

If you’d like your sales to run 24/7, with no employees, discover the leveraged power of the Internet with Empower Network.  

We are the Da Vinci Marketers/Prosperity Team.  



I’d like to thank the Samurai Business Group, specifically my mentors Dan Kreutzer and BoB Lambert for much of the information above.  They work with superstar sales people and make them legendary. 

If you like to get paid to write about business or marketing strategies click the link below and listen to David Wood tell you how you can have your own business.


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Your results will vary.  To see average earnings updated daily go here.

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