How To Get Rich Using Meditation and The Law Of Attraction As A Mindset Tool


How To Get Rich Using Meditation and The Law Of Attraction As A Mindset Tool

First, I am not guaranteeing that if you read this post, you will get rich.  There are no guarantees that will happen.   I do not know you, and I do not know how you will use The Law of Attraction.  That will be your journey.  But, know that we are all interconnected so you will not be alone on your adventure.  You are one thought away from a breakthrough to a better You.  You do not have to be better than anyone else.  Strive toward being better than you were a moment ago.

Use this new understanding of the power inside you right now only for good. Rotarians have a slogan, Service Before Self.  Now I get it.  This is an extremely powerful force, that has been guarded, kept a secret, and used by the upper echelon of societies of the World for years.  You see, being Rich starts with a mindset shift toward being at peace with yourself not being wealthy, not rich. Monetary gain happens in an economy of value.  The more people you truly serve without thought to yourself, the more wealthy and rich you will become.  I do not know how it happens it is just the way that it is.


Stop Complaining Be Positive

The very thought of Stop__________________(fill in the blank) does not help you stop that thing.  Your subconscious mind does not think in absolutes.  Stop or Go __________________(fill in the blank) means the same thing.  So, when you say stop doing that thing like stop complaining you are merely attracting more complaining into your life.

It is better to say, be positive with your thoughts, be helpful, be of service to others, smile and be happy.  Try that.  You will be blown away by what you will be able to accomplish in your life.

Most people complain about many things every day and do not even know they are doing it.    It is a habit that you can replace with a positive habit.  Most people speak in what some call “complain-speak.”

Try this experiment in human nature.  If you want to gain monetary value, then you need to understand your customers better than you understand your product.  I take product and service to be one in the same in this example.

Next time you are out in a crowd.  Listen to the conversations around you.  Most of it will be people complaining.  Once you figure this out, you will be more aware of how you talk to others and yourself.  You will start to listen more.  We were born with two ears and one mouth.  There is a reason.  Listen to people.  You will learn a lot about them. When you do this a whole new World will open up for you that you have never seen.  It is a bright and beautiful place full of loving people that genuinely care about service to other people.

Now, it just so happens that service is the foundation of all businesses.  People value people that help them accomplish in their lives what they want.  Plus, you get to live the most amazing life while in the service of others.  You get to be happy.  Sometimes you will be so happy that you will have to try to not laugh out loud, but sometimes you just will and others will join you.

People, that are not fortunate enough to learn about this phenomenon will not understand.  They will think you are crazy and you are crazy happy and at peace with yourself.  Wouldn’t you like to live that way?  That is what the Law of Attraction is all about.

Here is a challenge for you, because you are the type of person that wants to get wealthy, right?  OK, then first learn to not complain for 31 days in a row and replace it with listening and being kind and helpful to everyone you meet, even if it is just to say hello and smile.

In that moment.  You made that person feel a little better.  That is what the Law of Attraction is all about.

When you stop complaining, opportunities you never saw before, because you were complaining, will start to miraculously appear from, what seems like out of nowhere, and from every corner.  You will seem different to people.  They will actually think you lost weight or are wearing your hair differently.  They will not be able to place it, but they like the new You!

I first ran into The Law of Attraction because of watching the movie The Secret.  I had been getting emails from The Secret company previously.  But it really started when I read a book by Tony Robbins called Awaken The Giant Within.  At the time, I found the book fascinating on an intellectual level but not emotionally yet.  I was 24 at the time.  I was not ready to be wealthy and at peace yet.  I still had a victim mindset.  I felt society owed me a living.


Society Does Not Owe You Anything


I had to learn this the hard way. That idea that society owes you something, is an entitlement attitude brought about by the Governments of the World, to control You.  Read the book Behold The Pale Horse , if you do not believe me.


Warning:  you may never look at the World the same way ever again.  Especially if you live in the USA.


You will need to learn how wealthy people think.  It is not by being owed anything.

Wealthy People Become Wealthy By:

1) They create a product or service

2) They get really good at helping people buy someone’s products

(or they become a dictator of a third World country and take people’s wealth…I am joking on that last one)

Rich People Do Not Want to Become Rich


The way you learn to use your mind to think about money is what attracts or doesn’t attract money into your life.  The Law Of Attraction’s basic premise is that thoughts become things. Rich people want to become wealthy, and they believe they deserve to have this wealth because of the value they provide people, the service they provide to people.

If you want to have millions or even billions, of a certain currency, then find a way to serve millions or billions of people.  People are always the ones buying your products and services.  It may be a company paying the bill, but people always make the decisions to buy.  Understanding people is a very good use of your time.  Always be learning.


 How Most People Think About Money



Listen to this master of the Universe talk about how most people talk about money.


I love his analogy about the apricot or other fruit tree.  I’d like to Thank YouAre Creators and Youtube for this wonderful video.  Feel free to come back anytime to listen to it. Favorite this post and feel free to share this with people you think will get value from it.


Use The Law of Attraction in Your Own Mind



Use This Exercise Above To Become Aware Of Your Mind’s Eye


This ability to imagine a picture, scene, or image, will be your most powerful tool in your life and your business.  By now, you have read this far, so you are either:

1) the type of person that owns a business

2) or you are seriously contemplating owning a business.

This one skill, my imagination, is partly responsible for me selling hundreds of thousands of dollars in products, soliciting donations from wealthy people(Hi Net Worth Individuals or Accredited Investors) over the phone, and for selling our services over the phone and in person.

You must see the person buying from you in the process of helping them buy from you. You must follow it.  Without understanding what they want and why, you will be missing great opportunities to really help them with their situation, whatever it is:

1) They could be in pain in their life and they need help out of that pain.

2) They could be afraid that they might be in pain

3) The could have an impending event about to happen in their life that you can help them prepare for.

4) They could have a time freedom or monetary goal that they can not reach themselves.

You can help them reach that goal or outcome.  Outcomes are different from goals because goals can be shot at and missed.  Outcomes have steps you follow from where you start with the problem( and it is always a problem) to where you end up at achieving the outcome.  By the way, if you have ever owned a successful business, there is nothing like time freedom, right?


They Must See You As The Solution


More importantly, they must see you as the solution to their problem in their mind’s eye.  It is never about you.  It is always what they see in their imagination.  They must see that you, or your product, opportunity or service will benefit them in some way.


Take Your Business and Life To The Next Level


Once you get good at imagining what you want out of life,  you are ready to take your business to the next level.  You do this by learning how to tap into the hidden power that has been reserved for the most wealthy for centuries.  That power is inside you right now.  It is called your subconscious mind.

When you learn how to tap into your subconscious mind and tell it what you want, as if you already have it, your subconscious mind will know that you actually do not have this outcome yet, and it will start to work on you in ways you can not imagine until you experience it.  It will work at changing you into the person that deserves to be wealthy and have the things that you want from business and life.  You must do the work to get better each day.  This will mean different things for different people.  Learn to listen to yourself.  You do this by paying attention to your emotions.  If you are feeling bad there is a reason.

Now I am not saying that every time you feel bad you are in the wrong place in your life.  But if you repeatedly feel bad that is a clue.  When you are using The Law of Attraction properly it just feels good, in fact it feels great.  My vision for you is that you get to experience this in your lifetime.  My outcome is to help 100,000 people feel this good in my lifetime.


You will communicate with this force through learning how to meditate


I know it sounds too good to be true or silly, but I could not be more serious about a subject.  One day, I will prove to you how it worked for me.  One day, I will show you where I started.  But not yet.

First, you must learn to walk before you run.  Start with audios that teach you how to meditate for 15-minutes at a time.  You do not need to get into a fancy postures or chant OOOOMMMM until later, if you choose to at all, and you may never have to unless you want to.  But, that is after you get the easy part mastered, the basics of meditation.  Hint: imagine a purple monkey.  See you have the ability to meditate.  Now, do the work to get good at it. Practice each day.



Learn To How To Meditate



Once you practice it enough, you will memorize how to do it, and it becomes a tool you can use to relax at any place in the World, and it happens quickly, during any event in your life. Use this to reduce stress in your life, if for nothing else.  Learn to use the power inside you.  You are much stronger than you think. Don’t be afraid of it or think it is silly.  It is your most precious treasure that you already have.  Everyone does.

It wasn’t until I started to meditate with the Sylvan Mind Method that I learned about the subconscious mind and how powerful it is.  Tell your subconscious what you want, then get out of the way, as to how it will happen.  Just trust that it will, and it will deliver whatever you tell it to.  So be careful to tell it only things you want.


It is very easy to focus on things you do not want.  When you do your subconscious does not judge, it hears or sees( not sure of the senses of the subconscious  that you want that thing whether you want it or not.

Once you start practicing meditation on a daily 15 minute basis, you will be amazed at the things that you want that come into your life and you have know idea why!   They just do.  When they do thank your subconscious mind, so it knows you appreciate what it did for you.  Gratitude or appreciation is also a powerful force for you when using the Law of Attraction.  Gratitude is a positive emotion, so is love and appreciation.  That very act alone will bring you more of the things you want.

If you start meditating and you experience negative or evil emotions or images( which sometimes happens) just know you are safe and use the words outloud or to yourself CANCEL, CANCEL, CANCEL. This usually works for me.  If it doesn’t work he first time do it a second.  If you get too uncomfortable slow down your practice times, start by using your imagination.  It is the skill that you will use when you learn to open your mind and let flow what will flow.  This is when it get’s fun.  Start to listen to the clues your subconscious mind will give you about what you should do next in the conscious World

I like to meditate, now that I have been doing it off and on, since 2007 when I started, in the norning just as I am waking up but still asleep, somewhere between Conscious state of being and subconscious.  This is where I get all my best ideas for my business.  I also get them in my bathtub in the morning.   My mind just works better in this lucid dreaming state.  Maybe it will work for you too.


Do Not Doubt Your Power


Eventually, your brain will become so powerful, because your neurons are actually growing in size(like a muscle) with every time you practice, just like a body builder lifting weights and getting a big chest and arms, so your brain grows in “mind muscle” size.  It get’s stronger in whatever type of thought you give it in your conscious mind.

Even negative thought areas in the brain can get bigger.   So, do not think negative thoughts.  Think positive thoughts.  You will not think:


1) Maybe this will work

2) It works sometimes and not others

3) it will work eventually

You will think:

4) You are grateful it is happening now


That is how you use the Law of Attraction in your business and life to get the things and the lifestyle you want.  No doubts.  See it in your mind’s eye and believe you deserve it and already have it.  The same power that allowed you to pretend as a little boy or girl, will give you this power. You have had this skill since you were a child.  Societal forces that want to control you so they have a work force to rely on, have kept this from you.  This skill or power is not taught in schools.  Why not?  It should be.


Movies You Can Watch On This Subject to Learn More

The movies that I have watched that address this topic area that I highly recommend you watch are:

1) The Secret

2) What The Bleep Do We Know?

3) Peaceful Warrior

4) The Notebook

5) The Longest Ride

6) The Shift By Dr. Wayne Dyer

7) Infinite Self by Stuart Wilde (Audio)


Using Your Imagination to Unleash The Law of Attraction


Using your imagination to see what you want in your life, as if it is already real, will empower you to bring the lifestyle you want into your life.  Your sub-conscious is always listening to your conscious thoughts.  It will know you do not have that life yet and it will work on you internally until you do.

You will just figure it out, and it feels almost like a miracle.

If you are religious, the Bible describes this phenomenon as “Ask and You Shall Receive”  The thing you have to do is really believe you want that thing you want with no doubts.

Then you shall find a way to do the work required to get it. 

Get out of your own way and do the work on yourself to make it happen.  You may have to learn new skills, tactics and new strategies to become valuable to others.   That is how you get paid.  That is how you earn you money and lifestyle.

Your results will vary. To see average earnings click here:


You know how you feel when you start a new job…a little shaky, a little nervous.  Same thing here.  When you start using the Law of Attraction you will be a little shaky and nervous.  But eventually, and there is no time-frame, you must not care how this happens or when it is going to happen.  Just believe that it will.


The Peaceful Garden Meditation Exercise

Listen to this meditation routine that you can do daily for 31 days in a row.  It will help you fine tune your imagination skills, and therefore, your meditation skills.

That way, it becomes a habit after about 31 days, as most things repeated for 31 days in a row, become a habit.  You will also be able to memorize the exercise more easily, if you make it a habit, so you can use it anywhere in the World, whether there is an Internet connection or not.

It Is Fun!


It will be a tool you can use for life.  I give it to you, as it was given to me, because it helped me so much and I am grateful for someone teaching me, so it is only natural to pay it forward.  Feel free to share it with others.  You can listen to it by clicking the link above that says “The Peaceful Garden Meditation Exercise.” or by clicking the picture of the Sound Cloud image.

Once you get good at it…you can bring this feeling of peace back into your life just by thinking of that friendly place…


You don’t have to feel bad in your life you can choose to feel good by practicing feeling good

 Start by writing down a list of things you are grateful for, even if they are the smallest of things.

1) Start by feeling a little better, repeatedly enough

until you feel better

“Trick yourself” It works…Those friendly animals and fish and that snow capped mountain changed my life.

2) Then feel better, repeatedly, enough times…You start to feel good!

3) Feel good enough times and you start to feel great!


Happiness is a choice,  in this moment.  You are one thought away from being happy.  You deserve to feel happy.  I believe in You. I will believe in you until you can bekieve in yourself.  We have a lot of people to help in this World, You and I.


When you feel great you want to experience all that life has to offer in an excited, positive state. When that state is positive you are more aware of everything around you.

Stand Up and Shout it to the Highest Mountain…It’s My Time!!!!! (Do this when you are alone or when you are in the safety of others that understand The Law of Attraction the way You do now.  Remember, most people are not OK with their lives.  They will think you are nuts.  Crazy as a fox.

You will see opportunities you never saw before, that have always been there.  You could not see them because you were focused on complaining.  Most people in society are focused on the negative by the media.  Media is programmed to remind you that you are not OK.  If you are not OK, you need them.  If you need them they are in power.  Never give anyone your power.

You want to always be learning.  Read and listen to empowering Audios every day from now on:

1) Tony Robbins – Awaken The Giant Within

2) Jim Rohn – Anything he did.  YouTube is a great place to hear him.

3) Bob Procter – YouTube

4) Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad Series , A Students Work for C Students,  Cashflow Game

5) Jack Canfield – The Success Principles


People Will Notice You’ve Changed For The Better


You will start to get people saying, “You seem different,” “What has changed?”

You will start to attract opportunities into your life you never saw before because you were always complaining along with everyone else.  People will want to be near you now because although they will not tell you this, they do not like being around complainers too, no one does  You will now start to attract love into your life if you want love.  Here is a secret.  Whether they know it or not:


Everyone Wants Love In Their Life


Wealth is a way to get things you want, but ultimately people want to feel safe and secure, and in the end feel loved by other people.  Humans by nature are creatures that like to be near others of their same kind, we need to feel loved.


Here is What Happened To Me Using The Law of Attraction



I learned of it in 2005.  Then if I would have a problem, rather than worry about it I would let my trained subconscious take over…and you know what, it solved the problem and brought abundance into my life…it can happen in your life too.  This is my vision for You.

Namaste…Google it  you’ll be glad you did.  Start by doing that as your first step, your first action toward mastering the Law of Attraction.  Be grateful you are here reading this.  You are serious about success, you’ve read this far.

As I started my business, I began to realize I had been unaware of all these things happening around me.  I was caught up in worrying about money.  I was caught up in worrying about how I was going to make enough money to have the lifestyle I wanted.  That was what kept it away from me for so many years.  But not anymore!  Don’t make the same mistake I made. Get started right away on your journey toward wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

Your results will vary.  To see average earnings click here:

If you would like to learn more about this and how you can learn how to be happy and wealthy by starting a business online then click here, watch the video.


Thanks For Reading. Feel free to comment

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