How To “Just Be Yourself” In Three Easy Steps

This article really brought me back to when I first started on what I like to call my adventure.

I used to have this saying, I was so bad. I used to say, when people would deservedly call me an asshole, “I am not an Asshole, I am THEEEE ASSHOLE!” I was going down a pretty dark path during those years.  Thank Goodness I found a way out.  

I think the song goes something like “If you’re going through hell, keep on moving before the devil even knows your there!”  That was me.

I was a bouncer at night(while I was building my business) and mad at the graft and greed I saw as a bouncer, in the Industry.  I am pretty sure my place in hell is reserved, but hey the past is the past and you can not do anything about what you’ve done in the past, and you can not do anything about the future, because it has not happened yet.  All you can really control is RIGHT NOW.

People say when you are learning how to do this, “hey just be yourself” what does that mean?

Tiny Buddha covers this very well in her blog post below:

1) Get in touch with your inner child

2) Become More Aware of your thoughts.

3) Follow Your Intuition

The cool part is when you do all three, above, their power builds on each other and you start to experience remarkable opportunities in your life.  You start to see the World as a much different and better place.  You start to experience hope.  That is when the adventure and my no complaining, positive thinking intentions every second, of every day, started, back in 2005. It’s 2014(almost at the time of this writing, wow has it been 9 years already, time flies when you are on an adventure of growth as a person!

Notice I said intentions.  I have bad days too, we all do.  But if you read her article and follow her advice below you will see an upward direction to your life.  That is my vision for you.

-Namaste (Google this word it is very powerful)

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