How to Market Your Home Business and Increase Your Sales

Sell Two front-end sales each day

Do You have a Dream?  Break your dream, sales goal into day-sized chunks.  Here is how you do it.

a. For every 100 hits you get one opt-in lead.  I’ve seen this to sometimes be true depending on the marketing I do.

b. Your outcome to freedom in your life is 30 leads every day from now on.

c. so 100 X 30 =3000 people to see your media each day.

d. You want 2 of those 30 people to buy your front-end, introductory priced offer. A millionaire told me that so we will, for the sake of this demonstration, believe him or her.

e.This is direct response marketing or if you prefer direct sales, so you can expect 1%-2% sales conversion typically,  but you want above typical

f. You want 2/30 each day or a  6.7% front-end sales conversion rate.


Now you have an understanding of the numbers of hits on your social media posts, blog posts and any ads you have on the Internet.


Sell two front end  products or affiliate memberships a day, like Dave Wood says(a person responsible for 150 million dollars in online sales.)

Do this every day.  Do whatever it takes (ethically and legally) to get two sales a day.  When you wake up in the morning, it should be the first thing you think about.  ”How am I going to make two front-end sales today?  Will it happen right away?  That depends on you.

You may be blocked by your subconscious mind that somehow feels that you do not deserve to be successful.  This will mean you need to question yourself to find the answer you seek.  Ask yourself what do I need to do differently to reach your desired outcome by the desired deadline.  Yes, you must set a deadline for when you are going to accomplish it.  Then you must learn to listen to yourself.  This will be your subconscious mind directing you to the next action.

Listen to you subconscious mind just before you wake up or maybe while you are in a hot bath when you are very relaxed.  Listen to what to what your mind is telling you, watch for the images your mind will play for you in your movie that runs in your mind.  I see in pictures.  Some people see words, some see movies playing in their mind.  We are all unique.  Learn to use this power and it will be just like rubbing Aladin’s lamp.

Then do the work to improve your skills scientifically.   This is a learned skill.  It is just marketing.  It may seem like magic but it is not.  It is not about the money there is just more of it here.

In this business, you will become successful if you learn to sell two basic members a day. That’s it.  Consistently sell two basic memberships a day to a viral blogging platform that any business can use to drive exposure to their business.  Through IPAS2 this will mean that you will need two membership sales per day.

I’d like to thank Tim and Yunche Wilson and Youtube for this Empower Network sales video

That video will give you an idea about what this business is about.

Now with the merging of IPAS2 and Empower Network your task has changed a little bit.  You will want your members to go through all the training videos and the associated levels to gain all the trainings that they will need to be successful.

All Training Levels

If you can sell two All In’s a day then great!  Your business will be off and running.  But remember the system is set up to help people buy the products.  Not everyone is going to get ALL IN, in the beginning, but the smart people will.  Why?  Let me  tell you.



But before I do, let me remind you that the quality of the products is top notch.  Your customers will be taught how to do sales and marketing, Internet and Direct Response marketing from  some of the best in the industry.  All the products are full of lessons from people that have already made five, six figures /month in this business.

Income Disclaimer:  Your Results will vary.  Please click the link below to go to our earnings page to see average earnings.

Remember sell the value of these fabulous marketing and sales trainings, instead of talking about the money they can make in a business opportunity. It’s not about the money, there is just more of it here.  When you do the work necessary you will see that just like you saw your clear vision of your dream life.


“Under promise and over deliver” is always a good formula for success in business if you run your business properly. If you do talk about money then you must include the income disclosure statement for your business.  This will let the right people know you can be trusted.  Plus, it will keep you in good graces with the FTC and SEC.  Run your business ethically and legally.

You can trust me with up to 5 Million dollars…after that there are no guarantees(joking I was raised Catholic no prison would be punishment capable of delivering the pain my conscious can to me.  Money while important is not a driving factor for me.  Leaving a legacy is.

OK, now that we have given our income disclosure statement.  I am going to go one step further.  There is no guarantee in any business period.

If you have no money to buy products, then you are not ready for this business yet.  If you are behind on the bills take care of them first.  Do not put yourself in financial distress to get into this business.

It takes hard work, sales and marketing skill and leadership ability to be successful in any business, and in this business.  Go to for average earnings.

Plus, I would recommend that you keep your job or any source of income that you currently have as you do not go from zero to sixty in sixty seconds.  Each person starts where they start.  Some have huge lists, some have no experience what-so-ever.  It just depends on you and market conditions and what you decide to do with your business.

Follow the system trainings, get all of them you deserve them all. Learn, do, teach( in your blog or in a video you post)


Remember Success Leaves Clues


The good news is I have been in marketing for 22 years and I spent 3 years testing various ideas so that when you join like you might be thinking about doing now, you will be ready to see a profit in your first 90 days.


With that said, if you really want to be in business for yourself, but you have not found the right thing to sell yet, or if you are in business and you are having trouble reaching your customers, and you are willing to learn new things, and invest in education to learn new skills you can use later for any business, and your future, then you can make, if you sell these products, the following 70% commissions on sales you qualify for.

You can qualify by selling a product that you want to qualify to sell for commissions or you can purchase them.

Please join someone else’ team if you decide to qualify by selling instead of by purchasing the products to own them and please do yourself a favor and use them yourself.  It is my independent belief that you must own the products you sell to people.

Plus you can only grow to the level of the person you are inside.  This means that you become more valuable to the marketplace by gaining more knowledge and sharing it with the world freely.


Think Service Before Self


OK,  back to what you can make if you qualify for the sale(meaning you did not pass up the sale of the product to your sponsor and you own that particular product)  See the compensation plan here at


Oh, and when you attend webinars it may seem like our leaders go on and on with story after story.  They are not wasting your time, even if it goes on for 4 hours.  Remember it is a science and there is a reason behind every action a millionaire, especially a $150,000,000 millionaire who did it while people loved buying from him and do to this day.  There is magic in how he crafts his skill.  Plan extra time to be on webinars in the beginning.

And you can stop buying products at any time.  It is your business.  You run it the way you see fit.   But I am running my business from an “All In” standpoint.


All Training Levels


See, there is a good potential to make a lot of money in this business.   But you have to do the work.  You may make no money in this business and you may make more than the people that are already in the millionaires club, like Tony Rush, Dave Wood, Dave Sharpe, Lawrence Tam, Chris Jones, my sponsor Chuck Marshall, and others have done.

Empower Network is fairly new. We only have about 15 millionaires created since we started in 2012 and it is 2015 now.


You know what I like the most about this business?   People’s goals in Empower Network are to get out of the $10,000/month not-a-grinder goal and are set shooting for $30,000/month as goals to get on stages and speaking at events, as a first goal.


When I see people at events on the stage the first night of events, that fill the stage and all of them have made at least $5,000 in this business it gives your customers hope.  Events are very important.  Hee is just one of the stages from one of the 11 events or more I attended so far


But what about you?  Are you hungry for an opportunity?  I am not looking for people that I need to convince to play big.  I am looking for people that have already decided that they want to be successful no matter what! Period!

If that is you welcome!

Here is what you can do next:

1) click here to join our team

2) Put in your best email

3) Watch the video and get started today


You can also learn more by clicking on the banner below and following directions.  I am looking for a special 52 people that want to be successful beyond their wildest imaginations and are willing to work for it for as long as it takes and are in this for the long haul.  They are willing to invest n their education, lock arms with us and fight the forces of evuil inside their heads and the heads of their friends and family that say they are not good enough.  You are and don’t ley anyone tell you differently.


Thank You for reading,


~Tom Lincoln



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