The Art of Digital Storytelling


 How To Move Mountains With Your Mind Using Digital Story Telling

In any business, 99.9% of digital storytelling success is mindset.  You must believe in yourself and you must be competent at telling your story of your business and most importantly of YOU.  People buy emotionally from people they know, like and trust.  This will be the hardest part while you are new.  You will have no results to show, no results to build that trust.  This is the hardest part of being new in business.  You must earn your credibility.  People will not believe in you, even the people closest to you.  Good results in your business will wipe that out.  You must get results or you must:

  • use other people’s results until you have results you can use as social proof.

One way to do this is to listen to people that are more successful than you and tell their story because it is valuable to any new business owner.

Another  is to use the 3 S’s from Tony Robbins.  It is funny.  I started my business life because of Tony Robbins and he started his journey and adventure in entrepreneurship by being in a meeting with Jim Rohn.  Success leaves clues ladies and gentlemen.

I started in 1993 and it is 2015 now at the time of this writing.  The cool thing is this blog will be up forever, or as long as we use the Internet to communicate.

His teachings are still the best around.  If you are on my team and reading this listen to as many Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn and Inner Circle Audios as you can in your lifetime.

It will lead you to a life of fulfilling your dreams larger than your imagination.  Tony is now responsible for a business network that is bringing in more than Five billion dollars each year.  So the only people this will not help are those that earn more than that.  If you earn less keep reading. Actually if you earn 5 Billion a year, still keep reading as this is poweful information.

State, Strategy, Story

State – The state of mind you are in emotionally, will dictate the actions you take.  If you are feeling sorry for yourself, you will feel like a victim, and you will not take the actions of a multi-billionaire.  In fact, you will probably feel negative emotions toward billionaires.

This is the wrong emotion and state to feel if you are in the process of attracting money into your life. Working on your personal development more than you do on your business is essential for achieving the right state that attracts rather than repels money.

Strategy – Once you are in the right state of mind to attract money, you must come up with a tools or strategy for providing a needed product or service( and in this article the two are used interchangeably.)  You will need the right tools and/or strategy for supplying a value to the marketplace.

Story –  Now that you have attracted money into your life by providing a value to many, now is the time to tell your story.  Not while you are struggling.

Without the right mindset, network marketing, online marketing, being an authority figure or a public speaker and in the process of monetizing a business product idea has no chance of success.  This is why most businesses that start in the World today end in failure.  There are three components of this idea:

1) Core Values – You must know who you are and know what you stand for.  Being in business will challenge your core values whatever they are.  You must make the right decisions.  You will know.  Right is Right.  It is a core value.  Never try to deliberately hurt yourself, never try to deliberately hurt anyone else and if it is not done out of love for your fellow human being, when faced with a challenge( and there will be many in any business) don’t do it.  Even if there is short term gain.  If it is done for the wrong reason it will not work in the end.

2) You must work your business with integrity.  This simply means you do what you say you are going to do.  You will set outcomes, not goals.  Outcomes have steps you take to get from where you are to where you are going.  Simply figure out the steps between the two points and you will succeed.

3) You must be competent in what you do in your business, whatever that is.  You must be the best at one thing that you do as a service for others.  It is always a service to others, even if it is a product you create or that you sell for others.  It must be of service to the people that buy it.  It must have a value of about 10x what they pay for it.  This way people will feel like they got a great value.

Inspired by an Inner Circle Audio I heard by David Wood | on June 25, 2013

The true story about how a simple storyteller, David Wood, using digital storytelling, story  telling in person or while public speaking can make “a mountain” vanish into nothing:

Move Mountains With Your Mind

What kind of mountain are we talking about?


Your self-doubt mountain.  It can be as big as a mountain when you first start. We all have taken our own B$ in the past, telling yourself you are:

1) not in your company at the right time

2) the products are not good enough

3) your sponsor won’t talk to you

4) you are not in at the pre-launch

5) you will try to see if your company is good enough

Do You know what that last one means to you?  It means you do not believe in Yourself.

Read that again.  Trying to do something and doing it are two different animals.

You do not believe that your business will work for you or you would have already made it so and you would not be reading this, right?  You’d be out making money telling your digital story.

If you are just going to try to see if it is going to work you might as well go get a refund(if you still can)  You can have the greatest business in the World and if you do not believe it will work for you…It won’t.

As you’re watching the video, or listening to the audio, imagine your biggest problem as an insurmountable mountain, stretching in every direction.

And then, I’ll show you what it really is, if you can still see it.

Or maybe, you’ll find you discover something new.

Something new in the power of your dreams.

You can do it.

-David Wood

“Just like you’ve now survived the fall of the World financial Markets in 2008, yet again You are standing here breathing one last breath of failure, you can realize new things about your future – that any day can be your last days of failure, and here you stand… breathing… realizing… your moment is only now… it’s your time to win”  Regardless of what else is about to happen to the World financial markets, whether we fall into a Worldwide depression or not, you can change your life in an instant, the second you decide you can.

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The Art Of Storytelling

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