How To Say No To Getting Together To “See How We Can Help Each Other Businesses” Professionally

How To Say No To Getting Together To “See How We Can Help Each Other Businesses” Professionally

First I’d like to thank Marieforleo and YouTube for the great video content for this blog.

The longer you are in business the more these types of requests are made. I absolutely loved the scripts that Marie Forleo gave in here video above.

Go to here video to read the script and if you are on my team join her email list and share a comment.

Here three scripts included the Spice Girls script:

“My work schedule is full so ____ (insert: breakfast/lunch/coffee) is not doable these days.
Are you interested in becoming a client/customer or do you just have a quick question?”

The Pay Me Script:

“I’m not available for lunch, but you should really consider getting my X (product, training, program) — it’s all of my best thinking in one place and I created to help people in your exact situation.”

Lastly the Ask Momma Script:

. “I have a rule, if I don’t have time to see my mother, I don’t have time to meet new people for coffee. And right now, I owe my mama a visit. But seriously, I’m sure we’d have a blast and I hope you’re not insulted, but my work schedule is packed and I’ve gotta pass.”

 I am paraphrasing the way I remembered them.   But be sure to watch the video above, and read the descriptions that I’ve quoted above from it

She has some absolutely great answers to this nagging question.

One other answer is I love Networking! Leave it at that.  I find that when people that aren’t really interested in “helping each other”, but rather me helping them, by buying their product or service, do not respond to this statement.  

People that are sincere will and they will take the next step.  I do nothing until they do, unless of course, I really do want to meet with them, and then I take the first step.

When you do meet with them, make it about them, always lead with how you can help them.  Seek to understand before being understood. That’s it service before self. It may  or may not come back to you, and that does not matter. Truly, make it about “service before self.”

Rotary International has almost cured polio with this idea Worldwide. Always deliver value in excess of what you receive in-kind or monetarily.  The lifetime value of the customer is worth far more to you than the initial sale. Plus, you create evangelists this way. Who knows where it might lead.  You never know whom they might know that could take your business to the next level.

Plus, it is Ok to be nice in business.  In fact, it’s a requirement 🙂

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