Viral Video Lead Generator System

Hacks to Help You Generate Responsive Leads

I found this a good way to get leads into an email list.
These people are interested enough to leave their phone number and watch videos.
I learned of it from one of Prosperity Teams Leaders (Kevin Sousa pictured here with his wife) in our back office.  
When you join our team all this training will be available to you.  Kevin explains this system nicely and I added it to  Prosperity Central and it is collecting leads nicely when I turn it on and find non-copyrighted videos that have gone viral.
  1. Net Video Hunter


    This is easy to install software that allows you to easily download videos.  Use it with Firefox browser.  You may sometimes have to use different browsers with different software on the Internet.  You can find a link here
  2. Prosperity Central  Prosperity Central

    This is a marketing funnel that I use. I got wind of it from the 13 year old Jessie, who I saw in Chicago talk to David Wood on stage describing how he shared his video link to make $12,000 so far in his Empower Network business.  Your results will vary.  To see average earnings updated daily go here:
  3. Youtube Privacy Settings Age restrictions

    It is important that any business-related or adult content-related videos be turned to age-restricted under the video manager for each video made on your channel.  I lost a 350-video channel because I did not know this.  We also have a media service that will allow you to keep your videos on Empower Networks Service.  I use both, but at any minute a hater can shut down my YouTube Channel.  If you are going to use Video marketing, make sure your videos are safe from haters.  Turn your videos age-restricted material.    Haters can be a number of different people and YouTube themselves.  Keep you videos age restricted and you should be OK.  But, keep in mind the Internet is always changing

  4. Be Adaptable to new techniques

    The internet is always changing, innovate or risk losing ground in your business.  I am not saying to jump from primary deal to primary deal, but always be testing new techniques as a way to stay current and fresh to your audience.  You want to specialize in one or maybe two but no more than that unless you want to risk being overwhelmed by knowledge and no action.  Just my 2 cents.  IOt is your business and you should run it any way that you see fit.

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