How Top Producer Formula Lesson 1: Sponsoring and Selling Has Transformed My Life

Becuase if You do anything else until you hit $30,000/month
You will start to see your numbers drop and you will fail in this industry.

When I First Started My Online Business I Sold Memberships In The First 30 Days

I could sell online, that was the easy part. You can make it harder than it really is. I had done that looking for the secret, all the while watching my Workout Partner and many others making 5 and 6 figures online. I was frustrated because I was not producing.

I learned that there is a phenomenon that happens with all people  that try this industry during the grind phase. You will bring people in and they will quit. David Wood taught me why that happens in the Top Producer Formula Lesson 1

Now, I know and  understand what I am seeing in the activities I have been trained in, in my business. I iused all the products I bought and I bought them all.Daily I talk to customers of our system that showed up overnight. I did not have to call them or get on a

Daily now,  I talk to (customers of our system) that showed up overnight in my work out partner’s back office system. I did not have to call them or get on a 3-way call or chat with them until after they joined our system.

If you are frustrated by not being able to sponsor and sell in your business whatever it is, then you may want to pay attention to what this product can teach you aboiut what you are doing wrong. If this is you,

Then I Will Be Your Guide Beyond Your Awareness

That link is our income disclosure link.  If what you saw rthere is not of interest to you do not join my team.  I am only interested in people that see the great opportunity on that page.

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