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    This is a great website you can use to get free, good quality images fairly easily. It makes blogging and marketing easier

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WikimediaCommons Images


This is a great place to get pretty good to good images that are public domain or some images that you need to give a certain or very specific photo credit to if you want to use their images.

  1. The good thing about these images is they carry a little more link juice. With my first Empower Network blog I believe that fact that many of my blog images were on a Wikipedia site, gave the images more authority when labeled properly for search engine optimization purposes.

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    Wikimedia Commons Image

As you can see these images tend to be older images, which is why they are in the public domain.  They may be from educational institutions or governments as well.
Some might be from a creative commons license holder,  and as long as you give this artist or designer proper photo credits or attributions they will be fine with it and you can find a wide variety of photos to use in your blogs.
I believe these photos when labeled properly for SEO(search engine optimization) can carry a little more authority for their photographs with the search engines:
1) Put  A title on your picture if you want to.  I do not always like titles on the images I choose.
2) Put an alternative text for the people who are sight impaired that are using your blog post to gain information.
3) Use Keywords you have researched with Google Keyword planner for each image.
4) You can add captions with Keywords as well but only if it flows naturally, meaning it looks like the picture should be labeled that keyword.  Do not “keyword stuff” Google does not like it.  You might also want to Google or YouTube  videos that talk about the correct way to do Image SEO
Therefore, your blog posts rank a little easier, but the crispness and quality is sometimes lacking
For photographs you must have your images look perfect, please use:
2) Getty Images or another professional photographer’s images, that you pay for the rights to use their images.  
These are two professional quality image companies.  There are many others.  Google “stock photography,” and get yourself an account with these companies.
If you’d like to use these two different image sources to make your blog look better, and if you do not have a viral blogging platform to blog on yet:
1) That will give you more “link juice” and search engine authority with your content
2) if you want to use the link juice of over tens-of-thousand’s of active bloggers on Empower Network’s viral blogging platform

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  1. This is good information and resources for images Tom. And yes, when you tag your images with your keywords not only does it help your blog post ranking but also your images will come up in search engines as well. Thanks for sharing this valuable info!


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