In The End This Is Your Business YOU Must Do It I Can’t Do It For You.

As we start this 2014 year off with a bang!  We actually crashed a server of a traffic source I was recommending!  Empower Network is a community of marketers that will blow away most marketers!  We crash servers all the time!  Oh, well it is important to keep a level headed approach with these things.  Servers go down, and they go back up again.  Marketing goes on.

There will be times in 2014 that you will want to throw your computer through a wall!  I have wanted to many times in 2013!  But persistence and perseverance have gotten my business to this point, and people are actually contacting me on a pretty regular basis now.  It’s working! 🙂

2014 will be a 10X year for me and it can be for you too!  The second you decide you want more.

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See you in Miami where your life will change January 24th-26th, 2014



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