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Foundation, Integrity and Competence

In this business, “people will follow your leadership long before they buy your membership” ~ Aaron Rashkin

Truer words were never spoken.  People will not care about you, until they find out how much you care.  That was said by one of our leaders in an Empower Network event in Washington D.C.

In this team, Da Vinci  Marketers/Prosperity Team I will never tell you what you have to do.  You can run your business any way you want to, but it is my vision and hope for you, that you run it with Integrity, because you will have a better business that will survive the test of time if you do.  

I will help people on my team that run their business with Integrity

We use art plus science plus magic to change people’s lives and get them true freedom.  This is true, but we do it with integrity.  What do I mean by that?

You see, you will be learning how to create content, that will capture leads, and then you or the system, will convert them into sales.  These leads you convert into sales are people. People who have lives and one of two problems or situations:

1) They do not have enough money

2) They have enough money, but not enough time to do what they want when they want with the people they care about.

The best way you can learn about the people you are attracting to your marketing is to talk to them on the phone once they’ve joined.  Or, have your workout partner do that, and you do that for your workout partner.

Go through the new member calls script that you will find in the fast start training and other products including The 15K Formula.

If you find out by asking these questions, that these people are spending their last money, meaning they are spending rent or mortgage money, or living expense money, and that they will be in trouble if they spend it, make sure that they know that is not what they should do.  

Give them the different options and let them decide what they want to do in their business.

Explain to them, that they can get a refund if they do it up to 14 days from the date of purchase.  Send them to support to get that refund.

Explain to them that the kind of money you spend on products, marketing and advertising expenses, in this business, is the kind of money that you would throw at a gambling table, that you can learn and still have a roof over their head and food on the table, insurance money etc. This is a business and any business requires business expenses.  The good news is these are low compared to what business can be! 

You see most the people you are talking to will have to learn some new skills, they will have to test some marketing and advertising to let people know that they have a business.  

80% of what new people, and all marketers do will not work, 20% will.  It is called the 80/20 rule. Take that 20% and tweak it to get the results you want.

Once you get the results you want, then scale it up. But, you do not get from zero to 60 in sixty seconds in this business ~ David Sharpe Co-founder of Empower Network  

Some of the costs in this business are recurring.  Let’s look at this:

$19.95 recurring monthly affiliate fee.  Or you can sell products to qualify.  for all products.  But, I do not understand how this works as I just bought all the products when I could. See support, for the particulars and details of selling products to qualify for commissions.  

I bought the products.  I got “ALL IN” and if you can afford to, you should too.  You may have to get an extra job to afford some things.  Many people in network marketing are part-time. I have learned this from a couple of different leaders Dave Wood And Kim Klaver.

Here is a list of recurring products I have.  There are others depending on whether you are building your business online or offline.

$25 for the blog recurring monthly fee.  Each blog post acts as a sales robot for as long as you keep your membership current

$25 media hosting recurring monthly fee.  This stays active to house your videos for as long as you pay your membership.  No more having your YouTube channel shut down by a hater. ( been there had over 350 vanish over night)

$100 Inner Circle Audios recurring monthly and If you really want to be a great leader you will keep this every month.  Record them but keep them so you always stay up on the new speaker.  Yes, you can hear them on the Monday night call at 209-255-1040 but if you happen to miss it,  it will be in the Inner Circle Audios.

Why listen to them?  Because as you do their speech patterns will be ingrained in your psyche.  You will find yourself speaking like the leaders you find on the Inner Circle Audios.

I recommend that you do download these audios as there are golden nuggets of techniques and resources sprinkled throughout.  

Do not listen to these over and over and over again at your own peril.  I sometimes listen to the same audio 20 times and you know what? I hear something new almost every time!  Love these audios!!

Make sure that when you are calling your workout partner’s new members, that if you find someone that has just spent their last dollars or sold their blood to get into the trial or other membership, and they want a refund, that they can get a refund up to 14 days of purchase.  No one wants anyone to spend their last money on this business.  It takes money and expenses to run a business, any business.  It is best if people can not afford these expenses that they wait until they can.  Remind them that when they get on their feet they are always welcome back.  Treat people the way you would want to be treated.

But with that said, there is another side to this coin.  If they are this person I just described above, and they want a refund,  they need to put in a support ticket.  You do not handle that.  Empower Network has great people that do that.  You do not have access to their credit or debit card, so you couldn’t do it if you wanted to.  

They made the initial, financial relationship with Empower Network. They are responsible for it to run or to cancel it.  You are just an affiliate.  But, you are happy to help by sending them a support link here:

Remember you will find many people that are not interested in this business.  You will run into belligerent people, send them to support.  You will run into nice people who got in over their head, send them to support.  You will run into people that want a refund, send them to support.  You will run into homeless people, who just want to have the credit or debit card not charged anymore, send them to support.

Support will handle each case with dignity and respect.  They are fairly quick too.  They will have to go through a compliance tape to start in this business that is very clear about this and it is very clear on the sign-up forms.

Remember,  you did not cause the people who are describing their situation to you, after they joined because you are a good marketer, to be in that situation. Whatever they did or whatever happened to them in their history, caused them to be in that financial or time situation.  You did not cause it.  You can help them by getting them to people that can help them at support as quickly as possible once you discover they need that link.

Some people will just discover that they do not have the time to do a business.  You can help them best by understanding their situation and being empathetic to it and sending them to support.  

Always remind them that when they find their situation better able to do this business, that they are always welcome back.  Many leaders tell stories of people that do just that.

Remember, that you are sorting through the many people that think, they want to be in business for themselves, at home, to find the few that have the resources and time to be serious about running their business as a business, and not a lottery ticket or some get-rich-quick scheme, and you want to find the people that are going to take being success like a need for air to breathe.  

They would rather be successful than breathe air! Those are the people that are really serious about success and are willing to do whatever it takes, to be successful, legally and ethically of course..  

Some people are not ready yet to be in business for themselves, but you may be that one person that inspires them to begin that adventure and maybe they do not finish with you, but you helped them get closer to success than they were when they found your marketing or advertising.  That is OK.  

Think about when you first thought about running a business for yourself.  Are you with that business now?  I know my first business idea was not a success.  I failed so many times it is hard to count them all.  But, I had a beginning and so do these people when they start with you.

Being in business is not easy.  They have to have the skill, persistence leadership abilities, and the right market conditions etc, etc, to succeed.  

You have very little to do with their success.  They have to grow into successful business owners just as you did.

The Costa Rica Masters Intensive has a great video that explains what percentage does this well.  Your job is to find the people that are serious and ready to get started right away.  You will sort through many people along the way to these few serious people.  Help each one as much as you can in this process by being polite, and helpful, but by sending them to support when you need to.  That is what they are for.

Some of the people that are not ready will still benefit greatly from what they learn at any level in this business, as the products are very well done, the community and webinars that are many, and the Monday night calls are very valuable as Millionaires and 5 and 6 figure earners,or very good marketers run them.

They always under-promise and over-deliver, and if they use them, they will learn new skills or ideas that will get them closer to success than when they first found your marketing or advertising.  

That is my vision for you, that you always leave people a little better than when you found them no matter whether they buy from you or not.  

Customer service is 1/2 of the success equation.  It is important. Skill and tactics are the other-half. Treat each as equally important.  But, send people to support that want to end the relationship with Empower Network or have technical questions, and wish them well.  

They were not one of the few yet.  Then move on to the next person who is ready to be successful in their business.  Help them learn how to sort through the many with Integrity.

That is Integrity and part of the Bushido Code I learned from my mentors Dan Kreutzer and Robert Lambert from The Samurai Business Group.

If you can do this you will be able to run your business with Integrity.  The best news is that that kind of positive energy is bound to bring you more great results in your business.  

Remember people will do business with people they know like and trust.  Take care of people with respect and Integrity when they have nothing and you will be ready to take care of them when they have a lot of resources to start their business, when they get back on their feet.  

Or maybe they never do get back on their feet, for whatever reason they have.  You did your best for them just because it was the right thing to do.  That is integrity in business.

But, if people who are struggling,  fully understand the above, and still want to run their business with you, and they want to take that chance, then let them, as you never know when you have run into the next Dave Wood.

 After all, he started out in a van and homeless, and look what he built.  Don’t deprive someone of that opportunity.  Just make sure that they understand the terms of the financial relationship and that you do everything according to compliance standards.  

But, make sure your income disclaimer link always ends with

?id=yourusername, otherwise your sales will go to another affiliate.  I did that for a year!  Don’t let that happen to you!  

Again, if you find they are spending their last money.  Then, give them the dignity to be responsible for their business, but give them the different options and let them decide what they want to do in their business.

With all people, believe in them until they can believe in themselves.

We’ll talk about Foundation and Competence in a future post.

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