How My First Two Mentors and My Doctor Predicted My Life and My Success

When My mother was pregnant with me, there was a very slim chance I would be born alive.  In fact, the doctor said to my parents, “If Tom is born alive and healthy I am gong to shoot a cannon off the roof of St. Vincent’s Hospital.  This was located in Toledo, Ohio.  I did and he shot that cannon off celebrating my birth.   You see I was not supposed to be born.  There is a reason I am on this planet, this physical plane.


Then it wasn’t until I was 24 that I found out more:


When I was 24, two of my first mentors( I have had many) predicted my future after they made this statement:

“We have absolutely no idea what you will become, and what you will do with your life.” “But, we know one thing.” “You will struggle and try many things and not find what you are good at right away.” “You will do research, and you will find that one thing that you are good at ,and make a ton of money probably go buy an island and leave society.” “Because society with all of it’s social norms, will make no sense to you.” “This we are cerain of.”  “How You get there, will be up to you to figure out.”

That statement was made, predicting my future back when I was 24, and I am 53 now. I finally found that one thing! They couldn’t have been more right.


I spent almost 30 years going from job to job, always leaving after finding out that it was not what I thought it would be. I spent lots of money well over $100,000 in my lifetime trying to figure it out( that is a rough estimate I know it is well over $40,000) and I still did not find that one thing that would make me a ton of money, so that I could go buy my island and leave society.  I do not want to leave society, just travel the World!

The love of my life, she want’s to travel, scuba dive and ride Dressage.  I bet she’ll be in the Olympics.   She is a natural, but has lots of work to do before she reaches that level.  Yes, my mentors did say I would find love, and they were right.

I learned from these two mentors that I was meant for a great life, but that I would struggle before I found that one thing.

Now, I finally found that one thing.


Wow! I Finally Found It!


I have finally found my passion in life.


No one understands that but me. Not even the closest people to me, but that is OK, I do not excpect them to understand until I am successful in my own eyes.  I have huge goals or I prefer to call them outcomes.  I know one thing, it involves helping 10,000 people find freedom according to their terms.  I have found my life’s work.  Finally!!!!!


I am here to tell you that when you find that one thing that you were meant for, and you want it more than the air you breathe, and you do not care what anyone says about you or the thing you are doing, you have found your passion. Once you do you will never work another day in your life. This is the most honest statement in the World.

Want to find out why I am so excited? Do you want to find your passion in life? Youmay have to learn some new things and think some new ideas. It will take as long as it takes, but if you treat this like the business it is, you will be able to make it anything you want, as this is your business. I am looking for crreative people, that truly want to help 10,000 people in the World. I can only work closely with 52. If you would like to be on the council of 52 click here
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