KALATU’ Blogger – Your Last Part-time Job Ever

No More Part-time Jobs For You

KALATU’ is a blogging platform that will revolutionize the blogging World.  It is completely customizable and it will come with the weight of a world of bloggers for SEO purposes.  Right Now, as of 12/23/14, at he time this blog was written, 11:35 p.m. CST, Empower Network is ranked 2,709 Globally and in the United States 3,617 in the USA.  

This is mostly due to that fact that we went away from WordPress in my opinion.  But, hey no matter we are going back now and I am very excited for you! history will be the judge about what happens when KALATU’ goes out of beta-testing and is Launched in January or after in 2015.

What will KALATU’ be like? Grandma friendly, each new user will be able to use it in a simple or advanced mode they want.  There is even a 21 day, point and click “what you see is what you get” training that helps you succeed blogging right out of the buy.

For the advanced WordPress bloggers out there, KALATU” will come with some behind the scenes coding that we’d have to kill you if we told you as you may be the competition, actually KALATU’ will not have any competition, until way after it is launched and people try to steal it. LOL They can try, but they will fail, unless they have 300,000 customers already to use this blogging platform when all the testing phases are complete sometime in 2015,  

Imagine the SEO power of that kind of writing all on one domain.  Do not worry you do not have to have any brand or domain name other than your own.

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