Know Your Why

Know Why You Are In Business

This is my vision board.  I look at it when things do not go the way I want them to go.  I use them when things do go the way I want them to go, vision boards that is.  See it as if it already is.  Focus on that image or images but make it real.  Then plan the work to get there and trust the Universe because you put it out there, that it will happen, that’s it period.

This is a picture of our horse ranch( location being scouted as we speak) but it will be where we raise horses and where we( Stephanie and I will retire our two horses Odin and Brina, when they are ready.

This will be the place that my love will get to leave the nursing profession behind and all the pain it causes.  Nursing is a brutal career ion an individuals sense of self.  Horses help her get that part of her back that she lost to helping others.

That is the Why that drives me and helping 10,000 people find their why in life and discover their passion.  Will it be easy, no.  But it will be worth it.

Tell me in the comments below your Why and let me know if I can help you achieve it.  It would be my honor to serve

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