Late Night With Jimmy Fallon|Justin TimberLake|Will Smith

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon|Justin TimberLake|Will Smith 

I’d like to thank The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and YouTube For This Video

I listen and watch this mix of 50 shows.  I was blown away by how great Jimmy Fallon is!  He was great at SNL, but this is sheer comic and musical genius. 

His guests are brilliant as well, at the top of the list have to be Justin Timberlake and Will Smith. Jimmy Fallon take on the history of rap parts 1,2,3,4 and whenever they do it again.

I also enjoyed the guest musical appearances and the Sesame Street instrument jam sessions.  So much fun.

Thank you to Jimmy Fallon and all his Staff and guests.  Finally, great TV again and on NBC.  It reminded me of some of the great performances on the Carol Burnett Show that I used to watch and really enjoy as a child.  OK done dating myself.

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