Leaders You Admire Actively

  • You Want to Follow The Actions Of These Council Members

  • Seneida & Alejandro  Council Member
  • Paulo Barroso Council Member
  • Detlev Beckmann Council Member
  • Carla e Mario Carreira Council Member
  • Silvio Fortunato Council Member
  • Elena Fraga Council Member
  • Tatiana & Tomas FrietasCouncil Member
  • Rui Gabriel Council Member
  • Shaqir Hassyin Council Member
  • Mike Hobbs Council Member
  • Chris Jones Council Member
  • Ak Junior Council Member
  • Michalanelo Lopez Council Member
  • Sofia & Oscar Najera Council Member
  • Aaron Rashkin Council Member
  • Markus Streinz Council Member
  • Brian & Rhonda Swan Council Member
  • Lawrence Tam Council Member
  • Justin and D Verrengia Council Member
  • Tracey Walker Council Member
  • Alex and Anna Zubarev Council Members

Why?  Because these people have made at least $250,000 in their business. and Are the best examples of what you want to model in your business.  Will you jibe with all of them? No,  You should be so lucky LOL  

1) Find the ones that you really feel comfortable with.  Watch their leadership style and model it, follow them on social media like facebook and G+, and LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. Then, put your own twist on what they are doing.  

2) At our events get to know them or at least ask them politely for a picture with them.  Come up with one question that they can answer for you about them.  Not your struggles.  People like to talk about what they like to talk about.  Don’t take too much of their time, because they will more than likely be off to a meeting when you see them or getting off stage, and maybe even sweaty and they just want a break.  

Remember to treat them as a celebrity that they are and treat them you want others to treat you as you are a celebrity as well the second you step on stage with me.

When will you get their attention and more time with them?  When you have grown into the kind of person people want to follow. 🙂  Do not worry when you become that person they will start to communicate with you!

The same goes for any event you go to where you want to get a picture with the celebrity on stage.  Be polite and you will be surprised at how nice celebrities can be.

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