Lesson I Learned From Jon Mroz

Great Business People Are All Great Communicators

Listen to audios daily and you will start to absorb how these great leaders of society speak and communicate about their business. Soon you will start to communicate as they do, and you will not even know why!  It just becomes part of your psyche I guess.

There is one lesson, in particular,  that sticks out, one audio in particular that I relate to the most. That is the audio with Chris Rocheleau, one of the leaders in Empower Network, and our now, million- dollar earner Jon Mroz

In this particular audio, Jon talks about how he deals with friends and family in his network marketing business. He makes them find him if they really want to know what he does, he does not call them, or pitch them in a home meeting, they must find him. Brilliant and the way I am running my business.

Lesson Learned: Market Your Business and People That want what you have to sell will just show up and buy from you

He tells them to Google him if they ask what he does. He is everywhere! LOL, I think that is hilarious and brilliant all at the same time. He makes the prospect, in this case his friends and family do their research before they get involved with him.

Why is that important? Because when they do join him, he knows they are serious. No pressure works best. The person buying has to want what he is buying, period. The person buying has to make sure that the thing they want will not hurt them. That is the preservation mechanism inside everyone’s head. It is actually pretty simple, yet very complicated.

You see there are 5 personality types inside everyone’s mind at different moments in time.  I learned this from my complex sales mentor Dan Kreutzer and Robert Lambert of:

The Samurai Business Group.

1) critical parent 2) nurturing parent
4) rebellious child 5) adaptive child

When anyone buys something the following conversation goes on inside that person’s head without them knowing this, or being acutely aware of it:

The adult starts the conversation with another adult, in this case, the person selling the product or service. One of a couple different things can happen next.   They can go: critical parent to critical parent and it usually goes like this:

critical parent to critical parent and it usually goes like this:

“Can you believe that they deflated the football?” and the other person responds, “Yeah I know that sucks, how dare they try to cheat.”

As you can see nothing get’s done in this conversation. Nothing gets bought, just two adults complaining. So many people in society are not OK with their situation in life that this happens a lot.

For the next Week listen to people talk at your JOB.  You will find it is many times critical parent to critical parent or just plain ol’ complain-speak.  You now know a secret.  Most people are not OK.  Your product or service is the solution if they are meeting with you or looking at your offer.  You know that one of three things will happen when this happens:

1) They buy from you

2) The buy from someone else

3) They do nothing


Once they decide they have a pain, a fear or “a gain,” that they can not realize by themselves, or alleviate by themselves one of the three things above   will happen.

The next type of communication that can happen is: the person selling goes into a nurturing parent role by asking the person buying to figure out what they do not know:

the person selling goes into a nurturing parent role by asking the person buying to figure out what they do not know.  A couple of examples of this behavior are:

1) How will this thing or service make their life better?
2) What will it give them that they do not have now?
3) What happens if they do not do anything?

Because the buyer sees that the seller really is trying to help them and because a good sales person will be nurturing in their tone and understanding of the situation they find, keeping the person buying, safe to figure what they want to do in their own mind.

At this point, we have:

one seller in a nurturing parent mindset and the buyer in adaptive child mindset.


Next the buyer’s adaptive child will ask the buyers nurturing parent if it is Ok to get the product or service in question.

The nurturing parent in the buyers mind will ask the adult in the buyers mind logistical questions like:

1) can we afford it?

2) will it hurt us if we do it? The seller lets this

The seller lets this go on In the buyers head by listening to answers from the buyer. Not talking listening more than talking, but acknowledging the buyers responses with an “OK” or “uh huh” “I see” just so the buyer knows you are listening to his or her pain, fear or gain they can not realize on their own.

Next, if all is safe at the adult level, the adult in the buyers mind tells the parent in the buyers mind all is OK and the child can have it. Then the adult in the buyers mind come

Then the adult in the buyers mind comes out and closes the deal with the seller.

Notice the seller does not make statements. When that happens, the buyer has one of two options:

1) Yes, I believe that statement
2) No, I do not believe that statement

But, when the seller asks questions that are open ended( not answered by a yes or no answer) then the buyer has to figure out the answer in their own mind through the process I described above.

I am describing what happened to me when I listened to the Inner Circle Calls with Jon Mroz on it. I immediately heard something the adaptive child in me wanted. I will not let my friends and family into my business unless they find me on the Internet and buy from me.

If Jon Mroz can do it and make a million, so am I.

Your results will vary. To see average earnings updated daily go here:

This is just one of many Inner Circle Audios I have listened to over and over again. I also have listened to:

1) David Sharpe tell me over and over again that you do not get from 0 to 60 in sixty seconds in this business

2) Rob Fore and his mastery of blogging
3)Barbie Zable and her consistent daily action
4) Justin Verrengia and his work until you pass out or cross it out
5) David Wood and his sorting through the many to find the few and teaching the few to sort through the many.
6) Chuck Marshall and his magazine advertising

Plus, many, many more. And they add new audios Week on the Empower Hour Call Mondays 9 p.m. EST. Ph: 209-255-1040

Audios from ex-engineer Lawrence Tam
More audios I liked were:

The amazing and gracious, (as she is giving you a verbal ass-whipping on stage) Tracey Walker. I have never been so impressed by anyone as she was chewing out an entire audience of over 1200 people in Washington DC, telling them, “Unless you have lived my  life of struggle, you can not be me.”  “But you can be You.”  “No one is as good at being You, as You Are.”  “Be the best You, You can be.”

And who can forget Chris Record’s 10X audio?  That one changed my life. He is the reason that I have set my outcome to 10,000 people on my team finding financial freedom. This is crazy to some. That is OK, they are not me, they do not come from my struggles, they have not gotten as strong as I have through the years of struggle.  They can not be me.  Most of them would not want to be LOL

Yes, you heard that right. You pay for your success with struggle. Ted Sims said that in the Inner Circle audio with David Wood

See what I mean?

Tip: When your team listens to leaders in Empower Network on the Inner Circle audios you get the added bonus of them being inspired and trained every day by these audios. All you have to do is inspire them to listen to them daily. You can have 10,000 people from around the World listening to these audios and learning from them. Then they will

You can have 10,000 people from around the World listening to these audios and learning from them. Then, they will take massive action, but, only a portion of them will. They will teach others to do the same.

Not to mention there is $70 residual, monthly income for every Inner Circle membership you sell. That is a triple bonus:

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So at 10,000 memberships( 50% quit) so 5,000 memberships at 70% commission or $70 so that is $350,000/month that I will be getting when I hit my outcome.  That is for just one Empower Network Product.  

Add in the Blog at $25/month at 70% or $17.50 x 5000 = $87,500 +$350,000 = $437,500

Minus any pass ups to your sponsor, but this is still a nice monthly income no matter what way you slice it.

Your results will vary.  To see average earnings updated daily go here:


Why would you not get this and use it. It baffles my mind why some people do not see the value.

If you would like to get started becoming a better communicator, helping your team do that also, and make a 70% commission per month on each $100 membership, Then

I will be your guide beyond your awareness.

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