Lesson I Learned From Listening

Where Do I Learn How To Do This Business?


By listening to the different leaders like Chris Rocheleau and other leaders, I learned that this business is exactly that a business that I can do. I listen to the same tape over and over, as there are so many golden nuggets of wisdom shared.

This picture above was a great experience for me as I got to meet in person one of the people I was learning this business from. It was great to see that he is real and this business is real and to learn how I could do it.

Of course, I had to decide to pay for the membership to these amazing-audios. You will have to decide too. It is something you do while driving. Turn off the radio noise and turn your car into a drivetime university. Or, listen to these leaders speak while you are working out, or walking in the forest – I got that idea from Dave Wood
from the Inner Circle Audios.

This is what I believe to be the best product that Empower Network has. They say that you will earn the income that is the average of the 5 people you hang around the most. I choose and you can too, to hang out with millionaires.

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