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Hi Tom here,
8% of you will read this until the end.  2% of you will take action.  How do I know this? I learned it in these products that you are about to have access to when you click that yellow button at the top and follow directions..

I did not know it before I learned it. There were many things that I chose to learn, last year, but I only needed to learn Three.  I have always been an over-achiever, LOL, but I am “preaching to the choir” Right?

Last night, I saw it in a dream, or was it in and out of a dream, in a dream-like, lucid dreaming state, just before I woke up, but I saw it, and wept with tears of joy and happiness, uncontrollably.  

That is how I always go to the next level in my life and business, when I experience that emotion, the pain of my past goes away, and joy fills my mind, but that story is for another time when I am on stage.  

My struggles at this level are over.And your journey is about to begin toward a lifestyle you have always wanted.
You pay for your success with struggle,

Ted Sims said that in the Inner Circle Audios, and it couldn’t be truer. 

 back to my vision.  I met “the force” that I had been reading about in the Book,  E2(Squared), by Pam Grout this week, the force that is everything, last night!  It was one of my happiest moments on this physical plane.

She was a surprise and was not what I expected to see or have been taught in school or at Church at all.

She said to me, in the dream, nothing, but as she approached me, at night with three pyramids in the distance, all with bright  stars above, and walked out of a building and around a pond in front, that was making that trickling sound that ponds with fountains do.  

I said to her that I needed  to help as many people in the World, with many different beliefs, and many different languages as possible, find their true freedom, and to welcome them all into this adventure.

Join Me On This Adventure When You Are Ready… by hitting the yellow button up above and following directions.

linc1618″ ” ” ” ”  ( That is the tagline to be revealed at the right time to the World)

Simplicity is In itself perfect 🙂

 It has been there all along since day one 🙂 Google linc1618 and see what you find.  You’ll find me on page one. I learned how to get there pretty consistently when I really wanted to.

Then Google 1.618 and you’ll see where 1618 comes from.  It came to me when I joined this business. I believe it came to me because it was supposed to.  I believe that it came to me because I willed it to do so a long time ago in 2005 when I first started to meditate and do affirmations and attend leadership workshops.

Along the way, there were mixed messages that I listened to being new to this industry,and I must admit greed and “shiny ball syndrome”,got in the way, but not for long,and it also taught me some valuable lessons I will share with my Inner Circle Members,when the time is right,  but for now,that phase was necessary, for the next level to begin, just as Dave Wood said it was at the Anaheim Event.

You see I am learning so much from my mentors at events. It is at events that you gain a belief that you can be successful and you gain the techniques and connections to make that a reality.

Metaphysics brought me to a certain point in my journey and then I got lost in the learning phase.

Do not worry about when you will get there, just believe with all your heart and soul that you will and you will,  when you are supposed to.  When you have done the work that provides value to the World and not a second sooner.

Just as a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, you too will go through this phase, doubting yourself, losing who you really are.You are a leader of men and women in this World
…remember that.  You were meant for more…but again I am preaching to the choir, Right?

Just remember, You are You,  whatever your race, gender, or creed, or whatever you like or do not like, it makes you, You.  

Be You, and be proud of that and be the best You, you can be.
Do not worry about the people that you meet along the way, for they are on their own journey on this physical plane and you can not force anyone to do anything they do not want to do.  But they made the decision to join you on this journey.  

You can guide them to resources, techniques and strategies(the products you will want to buy along the way, do that very well)that will help them provide value to people they meet,  you see it is the products you sell that provide the value to the marketplace not the person selling them.  The Gurus are trying to capture your wallet and it is very easy to let them.  Do not fall for anything outside of this community of stellar marketers and remember they are stellar marketers and they like to sell stuff.  Buy the ALL IN package and then learn all it has.  

Watch each video and listen to each audio and then make up your mind after you have blogged about each one and done a video about what you have learned but leave out the answer…they have to click on the button to get the final value and answer which again is the amazing products you are selling in a range of prices all the way fro $25 to $3500 in value.

The good news is they are worth way more than that…way more, so you can always feel good about yourself helping people buy them. 

But, you can not help all of them, and you will be sorting through the many to find the few that are serious about their business and ready to invest in themselves to make them and their business better and more profitable.

For some of them, are trapped in the matrix of lies and deceit, that they have been told since birth to control them and that they have told themselves.  

Some will just not listen for whatever reason in their history that makes them feel that way.Remember, you did not cause this in them they had it when you met them and for whatever reason they chose not to follow your directions.

You will know when they are not one of the few who will be serious the second you listen to their speech patterns it will sound like complaining and negativity toward themselves and society.  

Let these people go and remember they can get a refund for up to 14 days from the date of purchase. But that is their responsibility in their business.

Feel free to point that out to them in the beginning. It will actually get you better relationships with your prospects. Always leave the door open for them to come back and some will.

Refund policy is very clear at the bottom of the order form and it is in the compliance training too.  In fact,  the CEO himself says it to them before they can get going in their business. Let them get a refund for they will be more hassle than good to your vision.  Send them to support to do that.

But even those people will be helped to begin their journey toward self-awareness and success in their lives.  Dave Wood does an amazing training about getting clear in the fast start training and beyond in the other products.  It is a recurring theme because it is so very important for your success.

“The Force” that is everything, whatever you believe in, works in strange ways.  Remember that you are helping people buy, you are not selling there is a huge difference I will help you with when you join my Inner Circle.  This is an area I excel in for some reason, again I believe it is “The Force.”

 It is OK, Love them with all your heart,and make resources available to them to help them on their journey, but remember you are not responsible for the place you meet them at in your journey,or for their results or their lives.  They are.  They need to step up and take responsibilityfor that and for their business results.

You are only responsible for your results. You can be there for them by setting the example, but they have to do the work to improve themselves.  
Many a mentor has taught me this lesson in this wonderful industry and community.You will have the opportunity to meet many of them.  

They say that “your income is the average of the 5 people you hang around or associate with.”  I choose and you can too, choose and decide to hang around and associate with Millionaires and maybe even Billionaires by the time they hit that level or the time you read this.  

You need to do so by March 7, 2025 to have a fighting chance at getting your Million Dollar Ring.  You do not get from zero to sixty in sixty seconds in this business, and I am not promising you will make a cent, but many have before you.

Income Disclosure

Check out that  Income disclosure again to see if you are ready to be average or above average and see what is possible.  You could make no money.  Notice the correlation.
You must decide you want more out of life ( click the button at the top of that page and follow directions toward your new life.

I have spoken to or communicated with over 450 people like yourselves, on this journey so far.  Some people are advanced marketers and network marketers, and some just beginning in their journey

Some have quit because they did not feel like their team was duplicating, Wrong thing to focus on.  Inner Circle Audios ~Dave Wood.  

You produce and they will follow.  You stop producing they stop following.

 I started to produce members on my team and then I decided I would explore avenues that you could follow, that would be cheaper and not have to spend as much money.

 That was good, because I learned a ton,and found some really good techniques and strategies, but bad because it delayed my production,  because those methods while less expensive(no method is 100% free as your time is valuable and there is always some associated fee involved, at least that is what I have found so far,so get over that notion that you can only use free methods to be successful)  

You can be successful with paid and unpaid methods as long as you choose them wisely and work as hard and as long as it takes for you to learn this new skill set, measure your results and tweak them, and then when you get the results you want you can scale it up.

If you help your team too much,  they will not grow as people and they will “whither and die or quit” just like the caterpillar,will not turn into a butterfly you break open it’s cocoon too soon.  It actually dies if you do that too soon.  I did not know that until Dave Woodtalked about that at an eventand I am a Biology major LOL

Believe in what you do in business,see it as you want it to be,and do the work to make it happen now,but remember it is not who you are as a person,that is only a role you play.-  Business Owner

Never lose yourself in your journey.  Stay centered. Believe in yourself as I believe 100% in You.  Believe in your team as well.

Stay tuned this is about to get really fun!

Here is only one way I’ve learned that

There are many others that we will teach serious people that prove that they want success more than the air they breathe.  Those are the people I will help find their passion in life.  I found mine!  Finally! and I have never smiled bigger in my heart and mind!
This is the beginning of your journey and I am not promising anything except you will grow as a person the second you decide that that is what you are going to do.

We are Davinci Marketers/Prosperity Team at this point…

Art + Science + Magic = Freedom = Peace of Mind

What do you think of the tagline?  Let me know on facebook


I have a plan for the final team, but it is still in its cocoon, and I’d like your input.  Not ready for public consumption yet.


Your results will vary. To see average earnings updated daily go here Oh, and when you are done looking at it you can join me by hitting the button at the bottom and following your first directions on your new Journey.


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