2 Thought-provoking Love Quotes

Love Will Conquer All – I do Not Know Who Said That But They Were Right!

Today as I look back over two years I have been in this industry and company, almost full time. It is one of the most loving, giving and caring businesses I have ever found.  
It was perfect for me when I first signed up.  It was perfect for me when I went all in.  It was perfect for me when I slept on the floor of a condo, as I met the best marketers in the World, and it is perfect for me today.  
You have stumbled on one of the most LOVING resources and communities you will ever find.  I’d like to clone every single one of the people I have met.  The World needs this kind of LOVE.
 I am very thankful for what I have been taught about how Love in a worldwide community can conquer all obstacles.
Love is like war: easy to begin but very hard to stop.
H. L. Mencken
I came into this business for the money pure and simple.
But, I am very thankful that I stayed because of the genuine love I felt in the community…crazy, zany, at times, very productive, and extremely intelligent culture, I found. Geniuses really!  
It was not some sick cult-like love, although many of you will confuse the genuine feelings the founders and staff have for the affiliates in our community as being cultish, let me assure you it is not.
You may see some of the strangest things you have ever seen at our events  
Just wait it will get stranger still.  
New people with new ideas are having breakthroughs at every event.  People’s lives are transformed People’s lives are transformed at events.  People genuinely cry at events, working on past issues in their lives that need working on, giving them the ability to move on, and to grow as a person and move forward toward success.
But it is success unlike the world views success.
 This success is measured in the  “amount of time you can spend with your children instead of having to work.”
 This success is measured by how much time you can spend with the people you love, never having to worry or feel guilty about how you got your money because this success comes from under-promising and over-delivering.
But first, you must first change and grow before you can love on the world.
You must first be able to pay all your bills on time before you can help others.  Put your” oxygen mask on first on this journey, because the air is going  to get mighty thin at times, as you will be flying high on life.  No need for drugs here at all.  It is the wildest, natural high I have ever experienced.  
People of all walks of life loving on other people because it is the right thing to do, or not.  
You will also just find a mix of the World here. You will find greedy people, or do you?  
You may think they are being greedy and then when you get to meet the real person behind the mask or archetype, you find a heart of gold, and you learn why someone is in this business, to take care of their son with a disease that requires all of his time.  
The good news is, because of this community and business model people with cancer, with disabilities, that are blind, that have autism, that are the down and out, have a real chance to experience their version of success.  We see success from people from Park Avenue to people living on a park bench, and everywhere in between.
It is remarkable when I look back on the transformations and stories of real people I have met in this community.
You may see tough love in this community too.  Some people bring so much baggage to this business they forget it is a business.  
I can best describe it as David Wood did in Anaheim California. Your team members in the beginning will be like caterpillars  and they will eat a lot of information and absorb it from the amazing products we sell, marketing education products, and then they will go into a cocoon while they learn how to decide what to implement as their business strategy.  
If you break them  out too soon, they will be weak and die.  They must learn how to have breakthroughs on their own.  You are a guide empowering them to be free.   Then, and only then, will they be able to truly help people and show them the love they deserve.
Empower Network is the community I am referring to, a network marketing/affiliate marketing mastermind membership(People that are in are brothers and sisters for life or that is how it feels and they make you feel at our all in meetings more like a share holder meeting you arew treated so well)
I joined almost two years ago today. It is the genuine love that I have experienced and felt from the caring people all on the same business path.
Hell, we all are competing with each other technically, but not in reality.
In reality, everyone, you meet in this business in this company is there to help you. When you are here know you are loved for who you are.
No pretense, no hype, just true LOVE for their fellow human being.
That is why we have seen company’s come and go but we are still standing stronger because we are unified. 
We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don’t know 
                                              W. H. Auden
You see, if I look back on my two years that is what I remember,  the caring loving people that are business people.
Don’t get me wrong, you will not find smarter, more savvy business people than in this community, but you will also not find the kind of heart that keeps communities the size of the World together, like you will find here.
I have never been one to be publically affectionate  or to be one to demonstrate my feelings in business, as they are many, but here it is OK to be you.  
You are safe and welcome to fail or succeed here.
It is your business and you can run it any way you choose.
If this has helped shed a little light on what kind of business this is and how great the people are that just LOVE on people, and really care about helping them become Empowered to be the best version of themselves, then:
Look at what is possible above and click the green button inside on the next page.
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