Mack A Leader By Example

This man is single-handedly responsible for saving my business from the collapse of 2008.


Before I didn’t have a product that people wanted to buy. My business was stuck at the $4K/month level. That means that was the most I had ever made in any one month.

Mack taught me a very important lesson, actually he taught me a couple of them:

1) First you excite, then you let the products educate.

Drip product offers into their email, that will guide them in the right direction, and increase your revenue in the process. It will also help you build a list.  The money is in the list.

Macks list is very big over 250,000 for one of them and I believe he has many.  He is my sponsor in Empower Network

2) They(meaning I had to struggle) to get stronger. He never told me what to do except to put in support tickets, and buy the products that would teach me how.

He never told me what to do except to put in support tickets, and buy the products that would teach me how to do my business.  He under-promised and over-delivered on valuable products and an amazing community of great people from around the World!

The products allowed me to gain authority on the Internet. They introduced me to many tactics and strategies that any business would kill for.  They gave me the ability to become the best version of myself and a system for continual improvement.

He would send me tracking software or website offers- I bought them
He would send me – capture page offers – I bought it.
He sent me others, but I did not buy everything.

I invested in my education, not for the money I would make, but for the success it would help me bring others, and thereby, myself.

He sent me emails and I would study them and still do.  Success leaves clues.  Model it.

He had an assistant get on my email list to monitor my progress. That is how I got a free copy of what Mack had done to build his business. It was a very well-done video, at his home, that encapsulated what he had done to be successful.

He also sent me to the right upsells for the future of my business and I will share them with you when you have proven you are ready for the high ticket sales.

But most importantly he paid attention and guided me from, an arms length, so I would get stronger and I have. You see if you help a new affiliate out too much they will rely on you for their success. That is a formula for disaster in network and affiliate marketing.

He also sold the EZ money formula to The Prosperity Team and He met with Chris Jones and came to the IPAS2 Launch Party in Miami. That is me and Mack pictured above.  That is how I got to meet this legend in the Internet, by going to events.

3) You can get traffic with postcards, magazine ads and from his mailing list company.

4) He led by example which is how you are supposed to lead.   He produced sales, period.  

He is an example of archetypes in action. If you want to know what I mean you will have to get ALL IN because it is explained very well in the products. You can find the product resource link below. Follow the instructions you will gain access to.


How Have Things Changed?


Now, I am no longer a newbie. I have discovered my own archetype, and my own vision which will include Mack at some point in the future, as he will see many pass ups from my team.

You see I learned how to make sales on auto-pilot(almost) I mean you have to do some work, and place some ads or drive traffic to the right offers. But, once that simple work is done, it becomes a matter of tracking results, measuring results, tweaking and testing and finally when you find the traffic that works 20% of the time, you scale it up quickly.

I have worked with a Workout Partner, Chad Ockstadt, making his new member calls and he makes mine. That has given me the ability to talk to anyone on the phone about this business.  I have connected with over 450 people for him and I have seen how this business works first hand.  It gave me the certainty that I can do this business and how to do it.

I have to pinch myself when I am talking to MLM leaders and Affiliate Marketers from all over the World, who when I started ate me alive, calling me a “Damn Grinder”  but not anymore, because I use the products, and now I am leading them through the proper questions asked the right way, to get professional marketers excited about this business. I have earned my leader mindset, and it is working for Chad,  as his upsells happen quickly when we find the right people.

Mack, if you are reading this Thank You!

You see Chad’s marketing brings in customers that try his product(s), and then I call them to help them get clear about what they can do and what they will do. I help them get clear in a conversation inside their head. They are so clear when they get done talking to me that they:

1) Either get really excited and upgrade and take off in their business
2) Or slowly or quickly quit.

Not everyone is right for this business.

You also can attract the exact kind of person you want to join your business by knowing who they are and what they  respond to.  Mack is a Master at that.  His marketing funnels consist of:

1) The “excite video”  usually cash, diamonds and gold, rap music, women, and lear jets.  Who would that appeal to?  Answer that question and you will target Macks market of which I was a part. 

2) The bridge video in which all the hype( which excited me but was not enough for me to buy. It was his bridge video in his nice luxury home and his business acumen that helped me buy from him.

3) The sales page, where I bought all three systems, but only marketed one, as I was very, very new.  Plus I did not like all the parts to EZ Money.

4) The drip email auto-responder campaign he sent me, emails one by one over time.

He actually attracted me with a picture of a cow, of all things, LOL on facebook.  I clicked on the cow, it took me to the first video, and the rest, as they say, is history.

But, like I said before, this business is not right for everyone.  It is right for:

1) Struggling Small Business Owners

2) Struggling Management Consultants

3) Bloggers that want to earn a nice living online by blogging

4) Affiliate Marketers

5) Network Marketers, that want to learn how to help people buy their products whatever they are as long as they are legal and meet Empower Network compliance guidelines, which for the most part are family friendly.  That was the only one that was not me, but I had been in many before.  So when I learned it was a hybrid of Network Marketing I was open to it.  If you are not open to this business model, stop reading and go back to struggling, sorry to be harsh but I know where you are right now in your life or you wouldn’t be reading this, Right?

You see you are constantly sorting through the many people that say they are serious about their business to find the few that are, and teaching the few who are how to sort through the many.

Leading By Example, Mack has taught me that. Thank You, Mack!

If you would like to learn about the business
 The Self-Leader System
I will be your guide beyond your awareness.

Thanks For Reading. Feel free to comment

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