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Earning Money with Empower Network is simple.  Notice I did not say easy.  It is a business and you will need to treat it like any other business.  The good news is we help you learn how to do this better in the products.  We help you learn how to earn more money blogging than you normally could.  If you want to learn more keep reading, because you are the kind of person that will benefit from this idea.

Earning Money with an Empower Network blog takes time.  How much time?  The easy answer and the honest answer is as long as it takes.  We do not know you or how much work you will do for your business each day.

Empower Network Full Income Disclosure

For all of my team members.  You must include an income disclosure in all advertisements you do for Empower Network.  This goes for all blogs, emails, facebook, and any other social media.  It needs to be in the same media that you are advertising.

For Example: If you write a blog post it must be written in a blog post like this:

Your results will vary and be your own responsibility as this is a business.   There are no guarantees in any business. To see an example of average earnings click here:

I use a page in a blog post.  I will need to update the picture on this over time but you must include income disclosures.  This will keep this business above board, and everyone will earn more money if we protect our right to run our business.

This means if it’s audio, then the income disclosure needs to be audio based.  If it’s video the income disclosure needs to be in he video.  The law says it needs to be clear and conspicuous.

I love compliance!

The best part of Empower Network using a compliance lawyer is that people will appreciate you being straight with them.  It will probably increase your conversions.

The best thing to do in a blog post is to include the link to your income disclosure page at Empower Network id

In my case it’s it would look like this with these exact words.  ” Your Results May Vary” “Please click the link to see our average earnings  at”

I used Kalatu Premium to make it look like this

I think it looks cleaner and more professional the second way.


If you want to make it look nice on the page you can do it by hyper-linking your affiliate link like this ” Please click the link to see our average earnings  Income Disclosure

You should also use a picture of our income disclosure linked to your affiliate link like this:

Empower Network Full Income Disclosure


The dates in this picture are not for today I took this picture on 7/20/13  You can find the updated version at /income.php?id=linc1618/

Empower Network Full Income Disclosure

The more you can be transparent about what this business is all about the better.  Something to the effect of Your Results May Vary.  You may make no money or you may make more than our top earners.  It depends how you do your business.  Success takes hard work, discipline, marketing skills, and leadership abilities. And, you need to know very strongly why you want to do this business.  Without a strong Why You will probably quit the first time something goes wrong.  Please see our full income disclosure at /income.php?id=linc1618/

If you’d like to join this business click here

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