Make Money Blogging With Kalatu Premium

Make Money Blogging With Kalatu Premium

Make Money BloggingKalatu Premium Package

 I am writing this blog for my future team members.  My business is growing practically on auto-pilot.

Each day I do what people making more money than I do.  I decided it was time to put my ego aside and do what people making more money than I do. I now live by the motto READY, SHOOT AIM and it is a wild ride.

I am glad You decided to join me on this adventure. We are going to have a blast!

Update:  I am Now Aiming

Update:  I blogged over 600 times and now I am aiming my blog posts at particular keywords tht network amrketers will be searching each month.  Why Network Marketers? Because it is true(think about yourself for a minute) that all network marketers:

1) have joined more than one deal or company in their lifetime and are the best people to join another

2) I know that the products in Empower Network starting with Kalatu Premium will be a great tool to help network marketers reach other network marketers to help them build their business.


Why do you a network marketer in another company other than Empower Network  want to be targeting network marketers with your business opportunity or products.  They buy for one.  They like to buy things.  Number two, their companies go out of business all the time and they will need somewhere to join next.  Who will they go to someone who helped them with o strings attached or someone they do not know.

Help the network marketers in your market and you will be handsomely rewarded with loyalty of a customer for life.   And as you know, the lifetime value of the customer is worth more to your bank account than the first sale.

1200 Blog Posts.

Others in Empower Network have blogged about 1200 times and are getting great sales results and people in the thousands are liking, commenting on and sharing their work.  Alecia Stringer is a top 50 blogger in the network marketing industry.  Success leaves clues folks.  Blog that much and you will start seeing the same kind of results.  


Do A Good Job The First Time Blogging


write your blog posts like you would a paper in school.   Do your keyword research first so you know how many people will be searching for that phrase you write about.  This will be your audience each month.  Choose words that have as many as possible from about 30 per day, so that is 900 to 25,000 readers each time you write a blog post.  Make it look good.  Use paragraphs, and headings using H2 tag formatting.

Choose a title that sound relevant and good to your market.  Use good images. and AWeber have free images for just about everything you could write about.  Use your own creativity and make it your own style.  People do better when they are free to create.  Online you do not want to have more than 6-7 lines of copy.  This is from Neil Patel himself.  He was on one of our Kalatu Premium bi-weekly or every so often, webcasts and he shared a ton of value.  You get the recordings when you start your Kalatu Premium membership for $97 dollars a month.  You can test drive it for $17 for two weeks in 2015.  Not sure when yu will be reading this.

That’s What is So Cool!


 I am building my business part-time while having a life.  Why?  Because 85% of the direct sales, network marketing, mlm space, is made of people that build their business part-time, so I am testing, measuring and tweaking things that I use so that a new person, that is already a network marketer in another company can use Kalatu Premium to build their primary business.  I am testing things they can do as a customer, using our products, to get great results for their business.


Kalatu Premium Has So Much Value


Using Kalatu Premium, I am  being taught from top bloggers how to blog properly.  Plus, every couple weeks another blogging expert get’s on a webinar and we learn how they created their success blogging.  There are 7 minute blog hacks and pop ups, and pop-unders and latest and best technology to rank your blog posts, your content on the front page of major search engines.  There is also a calendar that you get to plan your blog posts, and schedule when they go out.  This way the busy network marketer can plan and do the work once and have it sent to their readers over the month.


Set Up Tutorials and Additions Being Added All The Time

Tutorials on how to set up your blogs, a blogging challenge, headline suggestion tools or what do I write about today tools help make your blogging experience a pleasure.  If you are serious about leveraging your time, as you are only one person, and you can only physically be in one place at one time, and you want to learn how to be in thousands of places at one time, or that your message will be there, then you really want to learn how to use Kalatu Premium to sell whatever you want to sell that is a legal, network marketing product.

Nice Compensation Structure

The folks that set up Kalatu Premium also set up a compensation structure for selling Kalatu Premium that allows you to build multi-generational, deep down, legs in your downline, if you are an affiliate, and you can go as deep as you want.  I figured it was time, to learn how to make more money in a month than I have ever made in a year, and more than most people in society do.  Your results will vary. To see average earnings go here

I am learning how to make money blogging with Empower Network using the eight core steps below. This Kalatu Premium blog is for all people reading this, whether you are not on our team, or whether You are on our team, and have gotten stuck. Why is it that we get stuck? I believe it is because life is tough and people that are not laser focused on what they want out of life get distracted. No one gives you a manual about how to run your life.Everyone gets stuck. It is Human.  You can get unstuck and be making money on the beach while drinking a Mai Tai, once you have set up all your blog posts.  They act like little sales robots, 365 days a year, 24/7 for as long as the Internet is alive.


 Isn’t it Time To Take Back Your Life As A Professional Network Marketer?

Different People throughout your life from parents to teachers, to bosses have tried to control you to do what they need done in their lives, pure and simple, if the truth be told. People can be very egocentric. But is that what YOU want?  

When You are little, you do what You want. Think about it. Infants don’t second guess their thoughts. Watch a baby. They do what they want when they want. They are the free to think and act as they choose. We all had that freedom in our life at the beginning..then gradually we lost that as society, government, religion, educators, bosses, spouses, relatives and others, who were doing it not for the good of YOU, but rather, for their own motives, disguised as “I was only trying to help YOU.” took that freedom away!  Really? They try to control YOU so You do what they want? Not that they were intentionally doing it to be malicious, but they had it done to them, and so that is all they know.

I am here to tell you you can be free through making money blogging.  You can be in charge of your life for the very first time.  You create your income, your lifestyle.

But How Tom?

I also believe you make money when you provide more value to people than what they pay for. Period. Simple.   I also believe that when you learn how to service people, to provide a way for them to improve their situation, you provide value that people are willing to pay for. People are not stupid, you need to provide them value they can see and measure.

I believe you need to work Your butt off, but you need to do it, smartly, doing income producing activities, not just learning how to do this business. You an get caught up in a learning spiral and get overwhelmed very easily.  You have to put into action what you learn as you are learning it. There is a ton of information, great marketing information in all the products. Simply put, INCOME PRODUCING Activities means YOU showing the world that you have a business. As Chris Record puts it,


“Create Content, Capture Leads, Convert Sales.”


I believe this more than life itself, YOU have everything you need inside YOU. You need to learn how to use it by doing all the things you will read about below, BUT don’t YOU EVER Quit on yourself….You are ninety times greater than YOU believe YOU are.

YOU MUST BELIEVE in Yourself! It is time YOU did!

My vision for YOU is that each day do the eight core commitments, and that you grow as a person and a business person each and every day, that you do income producing activities first each day, that make you richer than your wildest dreams. How you get there is up to YOU, figure it out.  people do better when they are free.  But I believe you have it inside YOU. You keep going and You are on Your Way to what success means for YOU.

Your results will be your own.  To see average earnings go here and you can sign up here too

I have to say.  These results blew me a way.  By doing the eight core commitments each day”

  1. Make sure Your affiliate account is active so you have the ability to accept payments.
  2.  It will only cost you $19.95/month for a merchant account.Shop this around and see if you can get one of those for so little expense.
  3. Blog daily I love this part.
  4. Market Daily Free or Paid (I am doing both because I want to get going faster rather than slower, but this is your business You can run it any way you want to)
  5. New Member Coaching – This is essential.  Start doing this for your workout partner, and you will blow away your competitions results.  You will see leaders who are great at selling quit and move on to other deals because they did not take the time to do this.  Stay the course.  Find your workout partner at the next event for Empower Network.  
  6. Listen to The Empower Network Call each week( I’m doing that right now…it’s recorded each week in your member area as well  Update you can now listen in on the Inner Circle on your computer.  Click this to do that Monday at 9 p.m. EST every Monday
  7. Empower Hour


  1.  Listen to audio that helps you grow in your business(The Inner Circle is made of all the Empower Hour Calls and I gotta tell you I listen to them over and over because there are golden nuggets about how to run your business in each one of them.
  2. Read Daily– All the great leaders of the world, and all the great business leaders are reading books about how to be a better business person, and a better person.  You can also read books that have a good story, because stories have influenced people for all of time.  Learn how to tell stories.  Facts tell and stories sell.
  3. Attend an Event once a quarterThey are a blast!  These events are very important so you stay connected with people.  Here you see the results that people are having and get to interact with them, ask them questions, and BELIEVE that this business is really possible for YOU.  Your life changes at events.  Go unless you physically can not get out of bed to get there.

Get all the products if you are a serious network marketer:

The Inner Circle Audios for mindset training for your team

The Top Producer Formula for Network Marketers

The Team Building Formula for Network Marketers

The Mass Influence Formula

Take what you learn in those products that all help network marketers understand the industry and then use the Kalatu Premium Blog to write thousands of blog posts that will sell for you the right way, the easy way, for the rest of your life, and the lives of the people you will your products too.  They are like gold and money in the bank if you use them the right way.

I have been really impressed with the quality of the Kalatu Premium product line and they are improving it all the time.  This company really is set up to take newbies, and help train them with the right mindset, the right sales skills, the right team building ideas, and the right way to gain mass influence in your network marketing company.

You will grow in this business as You grow as a person and as a business owner.

The Kalatu Premium blogging system is WordPress. It works well to get the search engine spiders crawling to your blog posts. Since you put calls to action in your blog posts every time, you capture leads from a percentage of people that read your posts.  LEAD generation is the lifeblood of your business.  The new, “excited blood”  is the life blood of your team.  If you want to use Kalatu Premium on your team send them to this post and this link

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Thanks For Reading. Feel free to comment

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