Market Research Using Facebook and Google Plus

Because it will help network marketers find others who like network marketing.
  1. facebook search tool

    You may want to find people that like a particular company or a particular product. facebook graph search helps you find all the people on facebook that like what you type in.

    Type in the search bar at the top of facebook pictured here:

    People who like or are named or whatever you want really use your imagination( and then type in what kind of people you want to reach.

    This later helps with advanced search in facebook when setting up custom audiences, a group of people who all like the same thing is a custom audience when you use it to target a particular market

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  2. Google +

    I use this tool to do market research to see what kind of audience my marketing is reaching.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if you could figure out who is on your list and be able to communicate with them outside of your email list?

    Eventually over time and emails sent, your email list goes dead, meaning you end up with an unresponsive list.

    This makes it harder to sell your products and/or services to them.

    By using Google Plus circles,  I am finding out more about my email list customers.

    I am able to place people that are on my Aweber List as long as they use a gmail email address then I can make groups of people that has responded to the same kind of emails, thereby segmenting out my list into the kinds of things and types of people my list are made up of.

    Google Plus Circles
    Google Plus Circles

    This gives me information about what my “Avatar” is. My Target Market.With Google Circles,  you may in some cases be able to tell:

    1) Gender

    2) Age

    3) Ethnicity

    4) Psychographic information( How do they think, what do they like and not like)

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    tool image

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