Marketing Funnels That Bring You Tears of Happiness Are The Secret

If You Have a Business in 2016 or Beyond You Might Need a Marketing Funnel

When was the last time you cried because you were so happy that you were getting huge, business results?  This is my vision for You. What makes you happy?  Do you know?  If not, don’t worry because most people do not know.  Most people are not entrepreneurs or business owners.  You are, right? Then keep reading.  

You understand the kind of passion I am talking about.  You are the kind of person that will understand how much this will help your bottom line. Marketing Funnels, when crafted properly will allow you to earn a great living while sipping a Mai Tai on the beach.  Without a doubt in my mind, Frank Kern is a master of the marketing funnel.

I just spent the day in one of Frank Kern’s Marketing Funnels, watching his videos, and I can not tell you anything else because I am under an NDA. But let me tell you he is just a great marketer, period!  When you watch Frank Kern work , he does it in a professional manner.  He tests, measures and gets the results he wants,  then he scales it up. He builds a list of the kind of customers he wants to work with and he repels the ones he does not want to work with all with the different components of his marketing funnels.  You can learn how to build them.  Marketing funnels are a skill set you can learn.


It’s All About The Relationship He Has With His List


What I can tell you about, is my opinion only.  You will need to do your own research and testing.   Notice in the video below.  Listen to the words he chooses.  How do they make you feel?    He is always speaking to the professional person, just like you, isn’t he?.  He has a very specific target market that he speaks to.  Your marketing should do the same.  You should be able to profile the demographic and psychographic descriptions of your best customer.  For Example:

These are examples of some of the demographic types of people you want to think about.


1) Are they male or female?

2) Where do they live?

3) How old are they?

4) What ethnicity are they?

5) How much do they earn each year?

6) What is their education background?


These are examples of some of the Psychographic  descriptions of people that are your best customer types:

1) What do they like to do for fun?

2) What is their occupation?

3) What do they love?

4) What do they hate?

5) What motivates them?

6) What type of recreation and hobbies do they enjoy?

7) What are their goals in life?

This area of profiling your customer should be as detailed as you can.  You know yourself, right?

Many times attract people that are most like you.


Frank Kern Is Always Innovating His Marketing Strategy

I also noticed that Frank Kern is always creating the next, new strategy.  Currently in 2015 he has a wonderful, multi-faceted, sales funnel for consultants and coaches.  The essence of  this particular funnel is giving a free coaching session, you get that from reading his email copy he sends you. 

He warms his market up using something called behavioral dynamic response.

He takes you through a series of:

Cold market content

Warm market content

Squeeze and capture pages

Valuable content

Survey pages

Sales pages

where if you are the right target market, the right kind of person he wants for a customer you will buy from him.


That is just my interpretation of what I have experienced and seen in certain Frank Kern marketing funnels.  He most certainly is the master of marketing funnels.  He uses some great software to help him see what his potential customers have done in his marketing funnels.  Based on what they do he will send them to the appropriate next step.  Absolutely brilliant in my opinion.


You can construct your own version of a marketing funnel once you start your adventure in being a professional, Internet /network marketer. The second you make a decision to test, measure and tweak the results you get in your marketing funnels, and then eventually scale it up to monetize, you will be well on your way.  Then, you will start to see results that you can measure.


I think the best way I can help you see his brilliance is to just show you some of his videos on YouTube. I can do that. I’d like to thank Thank YouTube and Tony Robbins  for this inspiring videoWow(two For One)

If you like what you learned in this video and this post so far…keep reading


You see you’re the type of person I want to lock arms with, and fight the forces of evil with, in this World.  Relax, that is a figure of speech, I do not really want to physically lock arms with you.  You know those forces all too well. These are the thoughts in your head that tell you that you are not good enough or smart enough  to earn a living with your own business.  They are the words spoken by others that tell you to,  “Go out and settle for average by getting a job.” 


To that,  I say, “Nope”  I mean it!  Societal norms are not there to make the populace wealthy.  They are there to keep the elite wealthy.


It is your time!  Not the governments of the World. 

You are good enough, and you’ve always known it, right? 

You have always been in the top positions in any sales competition, am I right? Or, perhaps you are like me you are always 2nd.  That is OK, you are driven enough to succeed.  In fact, I have seen very average people do very well:

Let’s see if I can remember all the types of people that do well:You have probably been in the top two or even been the leader in any sales or marketing campaign you’ve ever

Single males

Single females

These people are usually in their late teens at least 18 to their 20’s and 30’sYou have probably been in the top two or even been the leader in any sales or marketing campaign you’ve ever

Married males and femalesYou have probably been in the top two or even been the leader in any sales or marketing campaign you’ve ever

CouplesYou have probably been in the top two or even been the leader in any sales or marketing campaign you’ve ever

Older menYou have probably been in the top two or even been the leader in any sales or marketing campaign you’ve ever

Older womenYou have probably been in the top two or even been the leader in any sales or marketing campaign you’ve ever

You see it really does not matter who you are and what you’ve done in the past or what you believe.


You have probably been in the top two or even been the leader in any sales or marketing campaign you’ve ever under-taken.


You are driven but you need some help don’t you, as it is getting tougher and tougher to find customers.  No one answers the phone any more.  Hell, they even have Google Voice  now( I love it no one gets to talk to me unless I want to talk to them.)

Good Bye Rude Sales People!  I like professional sales people.  These people I am referring to are the ones that think it is a good idea to hound you until you tell them to go away.  

You know you can be successful, and are ready to take massive action, and invest time and money to learn the digital skills you need. 

If this is You click the picture below to see average earnings.  Your results May Vary.  But, I am not writing this for average people. 

Frank Kern is certainly not average he decided not to be average in my opinion. He and others are the founders of this industry, and we owe a great debt of gratitude to him.  Thank you Frank Kern. Because of you blazing the trail in this industry, and taking the knocks, I am able to build a business to find real freedom in my life.  I read much of what you write.  You are a brilliant copy writer.  Thank You.


Why would I go on about Frank Kern?  Because I believe in giving credit where credit is due and I believe in an abundant Universe.  There is more than enough wealth in this World for people that can learn how to provide value to people that need your help.

I know, I have purchased and used his products, because I was in your place not too long ago.  I was a consultant, who had hired sales consultants, learned a ton from them, but I was still missing a piece of the puzzle, because all our company value was based off of other people and their talents. 

I still had trouble getting to see the decision maker of the corporation, getting new clients and doing the work they needed done without the ups and downs of my personal income

Gate Keepers are great at their jobs.  Once I got to see the decision maker it was just a matter of time before I had a definitive answer, as to whether they would be working with us.  My closing ratios went way up because of the mentoring from The Samurai Business Group(Speak to Dan Kreutzer or Robert Lambert if you want to be a superstar in complex sales)  There is no one finer and I am very grateful for everything they taught me and continue to teach me as my mentors and friends.


But I needed a way to leverage my time, as I could only make as much as I could sell.  There were only so many hours in the day and I was only one person.  I needed to learn how to leverage my work that I did once,  and make it last and be effective selling for our company 365 days a year, 24 hrs. a day whether I was there or not.  I finally found it and you can too.


I found a way to get right to the decision maker, and better yet, they already know what I sell, and they already want to buy it, like you might be thinking about doing right now.  The best part is by learning how to be a top-level earner online, it can benefit your brick and mortar business, like my marketing agency has seen the benefits.

If you’d like to learn what Internet Marketers already know, and do while they are playing and sleeping,  making daily sales, then click the Income Disclosure below to see our average earnings so you know what is average is and what is possible on both sides of the income equation:

Frank Kern is The Master of The Marketing Funnel


And, if you like what you see up there, and you are certain you were destined for above average results in your life…keep reading.


 Why People Succeed


In the video above Tony Robbins describes why people succeed and why they do not.

What I found from this video is that people are not in a business to focus on the money.  People that are really successful are in it for the feeling of proving to themselves that their massive action, that they believed with certainty would work, actually did work. You know that feeling you’ve been there before and it is “time to get back up on that horse again.”

The second they actually believe that thought, they are successful.

They have stepped into their future and immediately, their future becomes their past.  That is how people are able to become successful quickly.

Tony Robbins is a great marketer as well.  Their are many, many techniques that he teaches people to become successful in whatever they are trying to accomplish in life.


The most important thing Tony Robbins said in this Video with multi-millionaires, Frank Kern and John Reese, is it is the why you are in business that got you into this business in the first place. The WHY drives your success.  Some call it the “why that makes you cry.”


 Certainty People Can Sense


Then he said that certainty is the reason peoples life’s change for the better.  When it is a must for you, you will make it work no matter what it takes. and no matter how long it takes.  Then you are one of us.  Now you are ready for being an Internet marketer to drive traffic and sales to your business.  Is it OK if you make some extra money on the side?

 You will take daily actions like reading, listening to audio, blogging about what you are already really good at, your profession, simple actions that lead up to a huge result.  The kinds of results that make you cry.  All those actions are easier to do when your WHY is strong.  You do not have to cry, some people do not.  That is Ok too.  People that are really in touch with their emotions, perhaps they have had some sort of therapy, are some of the most sane people I know in the world, millionaire’s(I have not met any Billionaires yet) and they cry.

I digress.

When You Are Ready For Our Help


When you know with absolute certainty that you will make a way for your business to work, you find a way to take massive action.  That is when we can help you the most.  This is not for everyone.  I am not writing this to everyone.  I am writing to the person that:

1) They have tried several businesses, some have worked a little or at a medium level

2) But you have never made the huge money that you have always dreamed of earning. We do not make money we earn it by

trading value for value that is 10X what they paid for.

3) You have enough patience and income coming in, that you can test this new skillset you will learn.  This is extra money above and beyond your living expenses.  No one wants you to spend those.

4) You must succeed in life.  There is not plan B

5) You are used to being in the top 2 in any competition maybe the top three.

6) You like writing and reading, watching videos and listening to audios

7) You love marketing strategy new and old

8) Most important you want to help many people become successful in their business.

These 8 steps that are simple to carry out is the key to wealth that makes you cry.

Here is what I found.  It probably is not right for you, but maybe you are the kind of person that will not take no for an answer.  Maybe you’re the kind of person that will do whatever it takes to learn new skills to grow your business while you sleep.  Maybe you’re the kind of person that has always dreamed of a business that leveraged the power of the Internet and worked for you 365 days a years 24 hours a day.  Read on if this is You.


Remember in Empower Network we have an 8 simple steps that you can follow for your business whatever industry you are in:

1. Blog daily from your viral blogging platform in Empower Network.  You can choose from Kalatu and Kalatu Premium.  You will be able to blog on multiple domains from your mobile phone, share videos, audios and make comments from your phone, and it will be a social media platform all inside Empower Network’s  authority site currently ranking in the top 5,000 or so websites in the World.  Watch out WordPress!

2.  Market that Blog Daily.  Empower Network has products that will teach you how to do Marketing on the Internet and Offline from our high income earners.

3.  Listen to audios daily.  Empower Network has a whole series of Audios to listen too made by high income earners.  These audios inspire you to be successful.  Listen to the Inner Circle Audios every day.

4. Teach people what you are learning daily.  Coach new members daily. Teach two people or more about this business.  As you learn about it, as you grow your business, daily, you write about it in your blog and do videos and audios about it.  Even from your phone.  ENV2 will help make it easier. It comes out September 23rd get in before then for just $25/month to start your business.  You will also have access to purchase additional marketing products inside, when it is right for you.  It’s your business, you decide when that is.

5. Listen into one phone call (The Empower Hour) each Monday at 9 p.m. EST You can do this here

6. Make sure your payment system is active so you can get paid for selling marketing products that range in price from $25 to $3500.

7. Read Personal development, sale and marketing strategy. and just great story telling books daily.  Or just read anything daily.  Leadership development books and business books are great too. Read for 30 minutes to 1 hour each day.  Readers are leaders of the World.

8. Get to one event every 90 days.  Empower Network Events are Baddass and they are now regional, so they are easier to get to and closer to where you live.  Our last one was live streamed in as some people in this business are from as many as 150 countries in the World!

Does that look like something you want to do? Then click here


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