Marketing Strategies For Your Business

$4625 is that a lot to Invest on a companies marketing budget?

That depends.

Take your time and think about these important questions about your business whatever it is or is going to be.

If you are on my list you are more than likely in Network or Affiliate Marketing or you may be in a “traditional” technology or marketing business.  Or you are thinking about doing that.

Here are the important questions to ask yourself and calculate.

What do you sell or will you sell?

How much will you make per customer?

What is the life-time value of a customer?

Lawrence Tam’s, as of my trip to Las Vegas for his and Chris Record, Arthur Tubman and Peter Sorenson’s Mastermind WAS $1140

For every $25 customer the lifetime value of that customer averaged $1140 it obviously has grown since then because the leveraged pass-ups are insane in this company.

How much will that $4625 investment or being ALL IN bring you in revenue?

What are the maintenance costs associated with keeping the marketing rolling out after the initial investment

In this business it depends on what you use.

Videos? We have a $25/month fee for a video server in case YouTube shuts down your channel

The blog is $25/month

The Inner Circle Audios are $100/month

The affiliate fee is $19.95/month


If you have to take rent money or living expense money to pay for these business investments in your future


This is a business.  You need money to run a business.

It takes time to build up your marketing skill and assets on the Internet so that will in time and with massive action be working for you 24/7

Keep that all in mind before you join this business.

I want you to succeed, no matter what.

Find the money if this is really important to you. If you have the money and you are on the fence…JUST BUY NOW


These are all questions and Ideas a  business owner needs to think about.

Many people make  a very nice profit in Empower Network.

But they do so because they know their Investment costs and their revenue figures coming in

and they test things out before they scale it up.

Some make millions

others make nothing.

It depends on whether they are getting traffic to their links(like you found me when you joined my list.)

When you BUY  ALL THE PRODUCTS to invest in your business you will be able to discover all of this and more in the 5 core products


I am not guaranteeing that you will make anything. 

 To see average earnings updated daily go here


How much are you spending now on your company each month?

How is that working for you?  Are you in profit?


Do you really want to succeed in your business more than the air you breathe?

Then, you may be one of us.

I have seen many ranges in monthly investing into marketing and advertising from this Industry that I belong to,

that range from $1,000/month to $24,000,000 for the project in the Fortune 1000& 500 and Global 100 companies

When you look at it this way $25 is nothing in comparison.

Most small businesses pay anywhere from $300 to maybe $5,000 at any one time, to do advertising and marketing for their business.

I am still in business.  Why? How did I survive 911 and the crash in 2008? I did whatever it took.

You can too, you can change the direction of your life and your company’s life by making a decision to BUY NOW

 When you decide to make a decision and buy now, you can start for as little as $25/month

Have questions whether this is right for you and your company, ask me.  

My contact information is below.


Talk to you soon,


-Tom Lincoln

Cell: 219-902-3563

Skype: 219-230-9875


P.S. If you’d like to buy do so here  David Wood will describe the business in a ten minute video, and then you will have the ability to buy all the products in each tab.

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