Laura Parrish Marketing Strategies Inspired My Life – Show Them Your Heart

“Show them your heart first” – Laura Parrish Washington D.C., speech 2014 Empower Network.


Before this event in my life, I was learning about different marketing strategies and marketing tactics to use in my business.  I kept trying to invest in the secret tactic or strategy that would give me a competitive advantage over my competition.  Then, I heard Laura Parish talk in Washington D.C.  I was profoundly moved by what I heard her say that day.

I learned that while the tactics and marketing strategies are important(she described them like, a bowl of ice cream… ask about it in the comments below and I’ll share with you what she said)your heart is more important.

It is more important to show them how much you care about them before you show them the business and it’s features.

Now, I have spent the last year learning how to understand the people that my workout partner’s marketing tactics and strategies have attracted.

Because I have talked to many of them on the phone or in text messages on Facebook, or Google Voice, I have a pretty good understanding of the type of person I know I can help.  

I also have learned a valuable lesson about the kind of person, I can only help so far.  

You see, people have to really want to do the work and invest in themselves and their education to be successful online.

My marketing strategies have now changed, to attract that type of person. It really is true that your marketing will attract a specific-type person.

Some, you can not help. But some you can help become successful beyond their wildest dreams.

My outcome is to help each person get as far toward their outcomes as possible.

Any time we talk about outcomes and lifestyle we always give the following income disclosure:

Your results will vary. To see average earnings updated daily go here:

Because I have been very lucky, to have been given the opportunity to talk to and connect with this many people so far, I understand how to better help each type of person, our marketing strategies bring to us.  Let me repeat…we do not need to sell to prospects first.  First, they buy online…then we talk to them, and help them as much as we can.  The more serious they are about being successful, by investing in their education, the more we can help them.  No one can give this information away for free.  People pay college tuition at the finest institutions, get their MBA in marketing, and still and still do not get this kind of education and opportunity we are offering.

I feel very fortunate to be able help people, as many people as I can, and earn a nice lifestyle for myself and my family in the process.
Provide a value greater than the money they pay for the products. That is the key.  It makes me feel good that I can under-promise and over-deliver so much for them.  The quality of the products and training we receive assures us of this, if you use the products, you invest in.  

That has always been the type of business I wanted to own since I first got started in business ownership back in 1993. I have finally found the perfect business for me.

One that allows me to show my heart and intelligence(I am not smart, I just have the ability to learn anything)and not get it stepped on, in the process.  Never mistake my kindness for weakness.  I like being nice and that is the way I will run my business and you can too.

If you would like to build a community of network marketers and affiliate marketers(that is our primary business model) that truly like helping other people, empower themselves, with marketing strategies that help people, of all walks of life toward their outcomes, and their dreams, then:

I will be your guide beyond your current awareness of what’s possible

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  1. Wow Tom! What an honor! Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and most importantly, your HEART! I feel so blessed to play even a small part in your journey! Keep up the awesome work brotha! I BELIEVE IN YOU! 🙂


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