Marketing Using Magazine Advertisments


 Marketing Using Magazine Advertisements


Marketing is made up of the four areas that help you sell your product and/or service for your business.  Whether you run your business out of the basement or home office of your home, or do it on Madison Avenue, marketing strategies and tactics will always be made of four basic components.  There are many professionals that will charge you lots of money to learn what they know about marketing.   Most people do no understand marketing, but it can be learned by the business owner.

If you pay large amounts of money for your marketing services there should be a guarantee of results.  There is never a guarantee of results.  If there is, run the other way.  Because cost overruns and extra charges will make you go almost broke.   There are no guarantees in any business, only results that you will get from marketing tactics and strategies that look and sound like “magic,” but they really aren’t.  Marketing is in part and art and a science.  In marketing you experiment with ideas for tactics and strategies that will help your company sell the most products and/or services for your business.

Marketing is broken into four main areas called the Four P’s of Marketing

1) Price – what is your pricing strategy?

2) Product – what product and/or service do you sell?

3) Promotion – how do you communicate to the right customers what you sell

4) Place – will you sell it online or offline?


magazine advertising

First, I’d like to Thank Chuck Marshall (one of my sponsors as an independent distributor of Empower Network products)and David Wood ( both millionaires) for an amazing behind-the-scenes look at home-based, business, magazine advertising in the Inner Circle Audios interview.   Great job guys!  This is how learning marketing the right way can make you millions.  Success leaves clues.

Online marketing can bring into your business an extra $100,000/year if you do it properly.  In fact, now that I have been with this company for a little over three years I have changed my belief.  I have a crystal, clear belief that you can easily make way more than $100,000 per year, when you learn how marketing is done by professionals.  My first outcome has been set at $250,000 per year as my income outcome.  My second outcome,  is to help 100,000 people learn how marketing can help them achieve true financial freedom.  I have learned many different ways in the three years I have tested and experimented with different marketing tactics and strategies,  that I will teach you at our next event.  You can learn marketing for your business by:

a. becoming a customer and learning how to do proper marketing for your business

b. become an affiliate and earn a living from the extra money you make selling Empower Network products.


Your results will vary.  To see average earnings click this link:


As always in marketing, you need to plan, execute, measure your results,  find what marketing strategy and tactics works best for your particular business, “rinse and repeat.”  You will learn:

1) what your ads should look like

2)  what should be said in them

3)  how to design them

4) where to distribute them

5) and how often to run them.  This  is key to achieving great results in your marketing


I’ll share with you a low cost, marketing tactic, I learned when I was first started exploring home-based businesses that worked for me. I was so wet behind the ears then, that I did not realize I had a success, got nervous, that I did something wrong( I was brand spanking new in business then at age of 24ish…my memory at 53 .)    I refunded everyone’s money, and went back to work for someone else’s dreams.  That never works for a true entrepreneur.

Working for someone else’s dreams has never made any sense to me.  I am an entrepreneur and always will be.  I am in the never ending process of learning marketing to run my business, and you can learn this too.  You will always be learning what is changing and working in marketing so remain flexible and you will do just fine in getting marketing results.

Stop paying ridiculous fees for consultants and marketers to tell you what you already know(your business frontwards and backwards, Right?) You know your business better than they ever could.  You can learn how marketing can be done that works the best for your business.

Don’t let people tell you they are experts in social media.  It takes 10,000 hours to be an expert in anything.  Social media has only been around a short while compared to marketing.  Everyone is new to social media.

marketing can sometimes seem like the Wild West with good guys and gals and bad guys and gals.  But remember this.  There are no bad people.  They are doing what they can to survive with the resources they have.  No one tries to be bad.  I believe that.  Now that does not mean you should be a fool either.  You will run into people that will try to take advantage of your good nature.  That just makes it easier to know who to spend your large amounts of marketing money with.  The people that are less than good in the testing phase of you business, you will just not work with them ever again.  Now you know not to work with them and you have learned from that failure, so it really was not a failure.

I have tried the  “throwing spaghetti( my attempts to get clients any way I could) against the wall to see if it sticks”  and it never does.  I believe I made my first, home-based business sale of a book I developed on marine biology in the Caribbean…No, it was How to Be A Marine Biologist, and it sold 2 copies at $33 each or was it $13…no matter, I sold stuff by….wait I will tell you at the end as I promised.


The Secret To Marketing


That is the secret to marketing and magazine advertising, and it is all spelled out by Chuck Marshall and David Wood, who by the way:

“Felt like he was cheating”

after hearing and seeing what Chuck had to present in this audio.

Chuck rocked this presentation!  It was extremely organized(I wish I could make my computer look that organized)

In this great lesson Chuck told you what to do to place ads in home-based, business magazines.  This is a small tactic in the promotion, P of the 4 P’s of marketing.    He mentioned several resources that you can use to place these ads and he told what the process is to run magazine advertisements, and how the ads should look.

I was especially impressed by Chuck’s demeanor and easy going approach.  He was down to Earth, and genuine, and

you should be too when you are working in this business

He talked about scaling up your magazine advertisements as you get results.  He helped alleviate a lot of hassle  by telling you to buy a certain number of months of ads at a time because there  is a lag time before you start seeing leads.

In my opinion(after being in sales and marketing for 22 years) this one audio is worth its weight in gold as he was getting sometimes 20-50 opt-in leads from a campaign.  Many times per day.  Chuck would then send the people that opted-in to his list his free product, marketing funnel, and then to an Empower Network back-end product for a $25 per month blogging platform product.

He started with small, back of the magazine ads and worked his way up to full-page ads that were converting pretty well, around 8%-15% conversion rate, which if you are in direct marketing, is a good result.  It just depends, again on:

1) target market you are reaching

2) the ad copy you learn to write

3)  the style and flow of how it is written

4)  when it goes out, because your ads will be competing for people’s busy schedules


Tell Your Marketing Story With Pictures and Social Proof

He talked about the importance of telling your story with pictures of other people’s results, when you first get started, and then your’s later on, when you have produced them.  He was no a fan of fake it until you make it.  I agree, lying never is the right answer.

OK, he alluded to what I am going to tell you here. he called it, penny advertising, I believe.  I’ll have to go back and listen to this lesson again.  There was so much good content it was hard to soak it all in.

If you’d like to listen

So what I did was place small, inexpensive or free classified ads.  I wrote the simple copy, paid my fee and waited and sales came in.  My key was targeting a market of people that had kids that wanted to be Marine Biologists, at the time I worked at Shedd Aquarium designing and running a program for kids that wanted to be Marine Biologists, so I knew what I was talking about, so I wrote a manual on it.

The plan was to put these ads in small newspapers all over the country, and you know what, if I had done that I would have made a ton of money,knowing what I heard from Chuck in the 15K formula just now…I know it.  Oh well hind sight is 20/20

The best part is Chuck shared exactly how he did this, what he put in the ads, basically No work, No phone, No answering questions, no prospecting, all things that no one wants to do.  He started with what people want at the top of the page, he told them what they do not want in the middle and he had a strong call to action at the end…It was Brilliant…..Please do yourself a favor, get the 15K Formula, each lesson is easily worth the price of $1000, and there are 24 lessons in all as of 6/7/2013.  Brilliant marketing and sales and just good ole horse sense in business.  Under promise over deliver…That is what builds trust between you and your clients.

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