Meditation Exercise for Beginners

Meditation Exercise for Beginners

This is a mmeditation exercise I sometimes use.  It is easier for the beginner to get into a meditative state this way. Listen to it over and over until you can play the hole movie in your head from memory

This particular meditation exercise for beginners and meditation exercises in general are easier if you can find a way to “let it happen” and get out of your head or better still totally lose yourself in your head and soul.

Meditation exercises to relieve stress utilize deep breathing as part of the meditation exercise .  Meditation exercises will help relieve anxiety for the time being.  In time and with practice you will be able to go into a meditative state as easy is it is for you to see a purple monkey in your head(see you just saw one and a spotted tiger( see what I mean)

It is important that you start these beginner meditative exercises in a quiet dark, room with no distractions, just you, your imagoination and your breath.  here loose fitting clothes too.  Do this alone. Meditation is your journey to find the poiwer deep inside of you

Imagine you are on a stairway that is totally dark, but you are safe.  and can see the steps enough to step on them.  

You will be going down 10 stairs each way.. We start by Breathing in and breathing out.  Congratulations!  You have begun meditating.  See it isn’t that hard after all.  And you really didn’t feel all that silly did you?

Listen to the audio on this page enough times, until you you can say this exercise from the pictures in your minds eye.  No one can take this gift away from you.  Please share it with the World.

This is the very same exercise that I used when I began my adventure into meditation. I started with the Silva Mind Method and eventually branched out into this exercise to develop my meditation skill.  It is a skill that can be learned.  

It is a wild and wonderful place to be in this Universe…somewhere between conscious reality and your subconscious mind.  That is where the magic of meditatuion takes place.

Namaste( A Greeting That means Thank You, Love and Light to me)


P.S. if you liked this exercise it is just one of the man secrets my menors taught me.  I will be happy to teach all of my 10,000 team members when they join.

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