Most Profitable Small Businesses

Most Profitable Small Businesses Run on These Principles

Work is better than Vacation…when you are truly dedicated to the point of obsession, with being successful in your business and your life 🙂  

Most people think that being average and just getting by is ideal, until they run into a major,world, event or problems they didn’t see coming at them, until it is too late.

Study successful people, and one thing in common you will always find, is they were obsessed with the success of their project, music, art, campaign, product or culture behind it. Obsession or Dedication if that word obsession stings,  is a good thing.

I myself know about the power of an obsessed mind as there is no greater power in the universe.  Look at Einstein, Edison, Rockefeller and Amelia Earheart and the list could go on an on, all great people that were obsessed with their task at hand

Being in the middle was never on their mind.  

Competition is for sissies. dominate, create, build. 

Most profitable small businesses learn to dominate in areas their competition can not duplicate. Be you 🙂 There is no one like you in this entire Universe…you already have the advantage over people trying to be like you!

When they try to mock you or correct you you are on the right track.  This activity just reinforces the fact that they are talking about you!  Thank them!

It is a skewed distribution of wealth unless you can find a way to differentiate yourself and dominate your sector

The poor have entitlements, they are taken care of by society
(If you get mad at that statement, this message is not for you)

The High-Net-worth individual does not think about income and debt, unless it makes them more money.

This phenomenon is reserved soley for, and becomes a burden of, the middle class, or uppper-middle class.   Why would anyone want to be there?

They are squeezed by rising costs of education, inflation, medical costs, energy, travel, food and other commodities, rising taxes, and the list goes on and on.

You know what I mean. 

Their fiat currencies of the World are worth less and less, the more debt their country get’s into.  

Thank You to Grant Cardone who Inspired this post.  

Read his book The 10X Rule over and over again until you “get it” 

Otherwise, you and your family are in for a “World of Hurt” every time the economy takes a hick-up or recession.

I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of being at the mercy of these cycles and I am going to do whatever it takes to help 10,000 people break free from this cycle! That’s it, period!

There is the “mother of all bubbles” about to pop.  It will be the second shoe that has not dropped yet. 

I do not know when, but this World Economy can not keep going like this.

Are you ready?  

Do you have enough money saved up in your 401K  to last you for the rest of your life? 

If not, open up your mind to new ideas. 

Listen to David tell you a little bit more about a new idea, if you are ready to start thinking about dominating and not competing in your marketplace:


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