Online Business Industry Little Known Secrets

I was finally going to figure out how at 50 years of age I was going to earn a living as a new business owner in the online business industry. Not a regular living but an extraordinary one was my dream!

My Introduction To The Online Business Industry When I Needed It Most

After the crash of 2008 and the slow recovery, I decided that I would do what smart, business owners do during recessions, that is they grow their business.  They grow their new business skill-sets. They learn new areas of marketing, advertising, and sales strategy and tactics that will make them more valuable to the marketplace.

Do This Online Business Industry While You Have The Extra Time

Once the marketplace economy returns to below 6% unemployment you will not have time to learn new skillsets.  That 6% unemployment is the unwritten level that corporations tend to start spending money on marketing again.   This is what I have seen over and over again. During this Great Recession I decided to learn the skills needed to run a business in the Online Business Industry.

What Just Happened To The World?

But first, I spent time “frozen” in front of the TV, watching CNBC and Bloomberg Television, reading Barons, and The Financial Times, trying to figure out “what the hell” was going on with the World Economy.  I also spent that time working on my company website, and trying to decide on the name of my company.

Back in the days of looking at Network Marketing companies(now many of the are part of the online business industry) I had heard the tape “Pigs don’t know Pigs Stink”  In that tape, he talked about the name of his company being his “last name – enterprises.”  Little did I know, that really is a dead giveaway in the consultant world, I was from, that you were a newbie or a new online business industry, business owner.  Lincoln Enterprises just didn’t sound right to me.  It was a not a good brand.

My Experience As An Online Business Industry Business Owner

At the time, I was a gun-for-hire, special event, sponsorship consultant.  I really had no idea what it meant to be a business owner in this new online business industry.  I was just trying to survive.   Once you start a business, You get to eat, and go to family holidays if you sell something.  I had no idea what I could sell.

I Knew I Wanted To Own A Business

Owning a business, that’s what I wanted, but what business, that was my big question.  In the beginning of my business 1993-2008, I sold exhibit-booths for clients and every now and then, show management and sponsorship consulting.  But, now I had tons of time on y hands as most markets were frozen, and my dream meetings with CMO’s of Fortune 500 companies turned into them looking for work with me. You see, marketing budgets, get cut in recessions when the unemployment rate is over 6%.  I had seen this phenomenon a couple of times before, in smaller recessions, and it was happening again on a larger scale. The Great Recession was severe and will not soon be forgotten. I needed to figure out what I was going to sell in my business and I had no idea.

Find A Business Name

At the time, I was also doing research on the best name for my company(I came up with 800 different name choices.) I would use sites like to find the perfect brand name for my company.  I went through Lincoln Event Marketing, and some other versions until I finally came up with Market Share Developers.  Still didn’t help me with the economy being frozen, and I was not set on the name, if truth be told.

Commercial Real Estate As Part Of My Online Business Industry Introduction

I bought an online, commercial real estate, investment course, but the owner made so much money, he closed up shop and started a foundation.  I still have access to him. Here are our criteria for deals  if you are looking to get rid of commercial property.  This all happened while I was starting in the online business industry. I have a site up(on a Blogger blog) but that is not our primary business or site.  I keep it up because it took a lot of work to learn it, and place it all online, so I am taking the approach, “You Never Know What Might Happen”

Working Part Time Jobs While Working In The Online Business Industry

Back To our story. I was getting desperate as I needed to start earning money again.  Part-time jobs as a Unit Secretary on Weekends, while I worked on my business branding during the Week, and doing what I could to stay in contact with what I had left of a consultant business worked nicely in the beginning. Later working hospitals as a Unit Secretary, and eventually becoming a mailroom clerk at a University to “make ends meet.” I did this, all while I continued to build my business in the online business Industry.

It All Started With Cows

As I was scrolling through Facebook one day, I ran into an image of cows in one of the posts. The ad said to click the image of the cows to be taken to a business opportunity, or something to that effect.  I did, and the rest is history, as they say.  Next, I saw a video of a man by the name of MACK and his EZ Money System.

Mack Is a Brilliant Marketer

Little did I know then, that Mack(my sponsor) actually was a brilliant marketer! I learned a lot from Mack.  I am ever grateful for his introduction to me into this online business Industry. Now, after 6 years of experience, and $40,000, plus-spent, in the wrong strategies, I have the ability to make your learning curve a lot smoother than mine was back then.  I have now written over 600 blog posts and done some guest blog post writing. Mack originally sold me a membership to a blogging platform and some audios by successful bloggers and online business industry experts.  I’ve now learned how to sell online, at a beginning level, and have some results to back that up in different companies.

If At First You Do Not Succeed Be Persistent

That first two years was intense.  I wrote a blog post a day and many days worked 14-22 hrs. a day producing content.  I am rewriting most of my posts, as you read this, and they are starting to do well in Google Analytics.  Which means, they are getting web traffic automatically, as long as my blog is live on the Internet. When I think back to that first day in this online business industry, I didn’t know when I was clicking those cows, that Mack placed in a post on Facebook, that I was being taken into a World of the brilliant marketing- funnel Kings or Queens, as it may be.

The Online Business Industry Measures Your Success Daily

It does not matter who you have been in your past, only what you do daily, in this Internet Marketing/Network Marketing/Home Business/Direct Sales industry. Mack is a testament to that. He has many email lists, and if you measure his total subscriber list, I am sure he has list numbers, in the high hundred’s of thousands of people, all that want his information about the next big, business opportunity or product that he is selling.  I couldn’t have started with a better mentor.

Lead By Example In The Online Business Industry

He taught me, by selling to me, not, by holding my hand and walking me through things step by step.  In other words, he set the example of how he actually earned his money online.  I bought a lot of Mack’s products, ask him.  Then, I reverse engineered what he sent me and thereby learned part of the combination of this online business industry.  One thing I will always remember about Mack, He said, “Stimulate First, Educate Second.” Truer words were never spoken.

Stimulation Of Your Senses: The Luxurious Life In The Online Business Industry

My exposure to the online business Industry started when Mack produced a great video, with a private jet, and a Maybach, parked in front of it.  He was wearing diamond-crusted watches, and he talked about money flowing like water!  It was “a party going on!” with models and rap music(which is weird that I was attracted to it on a subconscious level, as I tend to not like rap music) but it was in the background. Then, he took us to a “capture page,” in which I entered my email address to learn more about how Mack could work in this online business industry, and live this luxury lifestyle.

I’d Seen This Scene In The Online Business Industry Ad Before Seeing Mack’s Video

Because of this fact, I was psychologically predisposed to Mack’s video. He patterned it off of a video, and an ad in an Internet Marketing Magazine, I was already a subscriber to from another Internet Marketer.  The scene in Mack’s video reminded me of what I saw in the other video.  It was very stimulating, reminded me of the corporate jet I saw in the other video from Russell Brunson, another Internet marketer.  It was very stimulating, as I wanted the life at the time of being on corporate jets( the rest didn’t matter…well maybe the Maybach) and I became emotionally-excited, which he planned brilliantly!

Then Educate In The Online Business Industry

The next video was of Mack in a nice home-office, talking calmly, no hype, no rap music, or fancy models.  Just a business-like demeanor, and a discussion about marketing methods that I could use, written on an easel like I have seen used many times in Board Rooms and sales meetings in the past.  He described a nice business for himself and a nice lifestyle, and he achieved all that from his business in the online business industry.  His home was not fancy, but it was lavish. I was really interested now, because he peaked my business sense, so I bought his products to see what this industry was really all about.

I joined his program of three affiliate offers(two I did not like and did nothing with) and Empower Network(now defunct) was also part of it, and I said to myself, “This Time, I am going to make this “Network Marketing thing” work out no matter what,” as I had left several Network Marketing companies throughout my life.

My Username For My First Serious Business Online

I even used my username to signify( to myself and others) how I felt about this online business industry, I had discovered like buried treasure on a pirates island.  Linc(my nickname in High School. and 1.618 which is perfect proportionality in nature, or you may know of it, as “the golden ratio” according to a book on chaos, I just read.  I felt as though I had found the perfect business for me. Linc1618 was born! Google it, you’ll see what I mean. ( Pronounced)LINC 1 6 1 8

My First Online Business Industry Event

I purchased the Blog and the Inner Circle to get a taste, bought my first event ticket, and got hypnotized by the speaker.  He told me to stop watching TV.  I did it for about for about two years!  It is easy to fall in love with this business and this industry.  And I did.  Why?  Because this particular company, was made of people like me, who had not fit in anywhere in the business world before this.  They and I had a place to build a business while having a life!

People Come From All Walks of Life

We could be taking care of kids, going to school, being treated for spinal disease or caring for an autistic child, helping blind and deaf people live a life of their dreams.  These are examples of the types of people that are in this “world” I ran into. Of course there were many more, different types of people in this online business industry, to many to mention here.  But, roughly 75% had families of their own.  A few also had MBA’s, and were high-powered, ex-hedge fund owners, Moms and Dads that wanted to spend time with their children instead of a corporate office cubicle, and some moms and dads home school their children.  Single, young and old people also started in this online business industry.  Many of whom, just had a new baby in their life.  Others were band musicians, ex-fitness models, and plain, old, every day people from a “park bench to Park Avenue,” and everything in-between.  One thing thee people all had in common was they were in this industry celebrating life!  I was really impressed after attending my first Event in my home town of Chicago.  That is were my first real online business started.

The Grinder Phase ~ Work Begins

Six years later, I still love this business.  No longer a newbie, I have found my passion in life and I am getting better at it daily.  “You do not build your business in a day, you build it daily.” I heard this from some of my online mentors.  Truer words were never spoken.

You Sell Products Or Services That Help Other Business Owners

The best part about this business is that the business products we sell teach You how to market online for any business.  It is like a Ph.D.- level, marketing education program, but it is not just a diploma on the wall that you receive when you’re done.  Your lifestyle can be one in this industry that others only dream about.  The nicest and most caring people I have ever met are a big part of why I stayed in this amazing industry.  You can to travel the World if you want to.  I certainly do.

I Started With E-zine Articles & Blogger Blogs

Now I am a bit of a marketing geek, so it is hard to admit this.  You see, I had already produced 84 Blogger blogs(it’s o.k. You can laugh) and I had made $125 in another company before they folded.  My first paycheck actually came unexpectedly in the mail from work I had done the previous month.  The sale came from a blog post selling a meter that measured your brain waves as you got crystal clear about the life you wanted.  I’ll tell you what, the first time you make money from something you wrote once online, and then forget about, is priceless!

The Online Business Industry Feeds Off Of Traffic To Websites

Then, your content starts getting traffic to it because of your syndication efforts.  They say you should spend about 4Xs the effort and time syndicating your work that you di to produce it.  It starts slowly getting web traffic to it, and from the right, buyer types.  Because you shared your post with as many targeted sources as possible.

Blogging That Gets You Great Sales Results

When sales come in, from what seems like auto-pilot actions, you can easily get hooked on blogging, at least, I was and still am today.  This was a system that was going to teach me how to blog and make a great living, and build up my agency, marketing skills so that I can consult with Fortune 500 and 1000 companies in regard to their content marketing strategies and tactics.

Leaving The Grinder Phase

Once I got through the Grinder Phase(your first $10,000 earnings online) you can have the proper skill sets and social proof of actual online business industry results, that it would could be easier to get new clients and really grow your income and business.  It is at this point that you officially leave the grinder phase!  When you do celebrate!

Previously I Sold As “The Middle Man”

In the past I farmed out the work, I could find, for my roughly fifty agents, all of whom had at least million-dollar results for their clients.  That was my criteria for bring them on as consultants for us. That was my business model.   I would throw new client jobs “over the wall,” and take my 10%, as a middleman, at best.  Now, I am learning how to do what they were so good at doing.  I was, then, and now, every day, becoming a better marketer because of learning about and taking action in the online business industry.

Some Of The Best Marketers And Advertisers In The World

the people that I have learned from, I would bet on getting better results than some of the best agency professionals, in the best firms in the World. One partner team in my first business earned over 150 million dollars from 2012-2017.

The Secret I Had Stumbled Into

The secret  or treasure I found is that the people “running and succeeding” in this a multi-billion dollar industry, that is spanning the World, really know this field.  I  got excited that I took the time and effort to offer service before self(I learned that from one of my clients, Rotary International) for some of these people that are industry leaders and now my friends.  Success leaves clues ladies and gentlemen.  That is why I fight so hard to stay in this business, even when the going gets tough, as it does in any business until you become a master of it.  You see, you will go through phases in any business this is no different:

1) Learning Phase – You learn who you are and who you are not online.  There are some real sharks out there so be careful. Spend slowly, test, measure and then scale up, once you see what you are doing is working.

2) Sorting out You begin to say NO to the sharks.  You are much more discerning with the tools you purchase, and everything is funneled back to your main business. Period.  It is fine to sell little affiliate offers, like,, funnel software, and tools to help your team market, ultimately your main business.   But, never stray from your first business opportunity.  Learn how to sell those products and services online first, before you sell anything else.

Your First Companies May Go Out Of Business

Yep, that happened to me and I’ve seen it many times with other people.  I have one, and only one, main, business opportunity that I sell, at any one time.  You will see a lot of people come and go in this industry, and see people taken to court, have the FTC, SEC and other government agencies investigate and prosecute them.  Typically it is because they get too big, too quickly, and do not monitor what they or their staff say to potential customers.  Stay the course, stay ethical and legal in your business dealings with customers.  This is a multi-billion dollar industry and there is plenty of room for the serious business owner.

3) Mastering – Master one or two marketing tactics and strategies first, once you have your first $10,000(Your results will vary and be your own) then you can try to master other tactics and strategies.

4) Harvesting Your Income from the strategies you mastered and all the business assets you have running on the Internet 365 days a year/7 days a Week/24 hrs a day, as long as the Internet is running.  That is the huge reason I am in this business.  Every bit of content you place on the internet, every “sales funnel” you build, and each video you post, can be like “little sales robots” selling for You while You are having fun, once your systems are set-up to a level that achieves this kind of result for you in your business in this online business industry.

5) Teaching others to duplicate your Success.  You can also make more money on top of the money you made in the Harvesting phase, as you earn on pass-ups from other people, sometimes two levels deep and many times depending on the company you sell for many more layers of product sales, a portion of which is your commission for bring the company new sales of the products.

The Big Secret

The big secret is that I have found the holy grail in this online business industry, and now that I am learning(you are always learning as it changes fast in the online World) how to sort through the many people who say they are ready, to find the few people who really are ready, willing and able to build teams in your primary business, Next You can teach them how to sort through the many people their marketing, and advertising strategies and tactics will attract.  Do anything else in network marketing and you will start to lose money.

My Vision For Your Business

I hope you have learned some of the secrets about why I joined my first online industry business.  I can’t give the whole story away.  Meet me at an Industry event over drinks and I’ll tell you everything!  There is much more to tell in front of 100,000 in an auditorium in a country yet to be determined.  How much have I earned in this online business industry.  The answer to that question is not cut and dried as I am not done earning it yet.

Dream Big

My vision for you and your team is you build a team of 100,000 people that all discover what true personal and financial freedom mean to them.  In fact, I hope you do better than me.  This is one of the few industries you can say that and mean it.  If you’d like to see what I am so excited about, and why I have dedicated my life to this Industry, then find me on Facebook and lets chat a bit first, and make sure this really is right for you.

My Why

Why would I go through all this?  You see I fell in LOVE with Stephanie, and I want to be able to retire her to riding her horses all day long if she wants to.  She has given up most her life as a nurse in the ICU, and she deserves to have a life where all the bills are paid each month and there is 5X’s left over.  That kind of money can give her time to think.  She deserves that and so much more. That is my vision for her and I.  Just like something out of An Officer and a Gentleman, I will walk into her office and tell her she is quitting for good.  We’ll probably give notice first just to be polite.

Thanks For Reading. Feel free to comment

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