Part 1 – Can You Use CO-OP Advertising to Build Your Business?

Can You Use CO-OP Advertising to Build Your Business?

In this series of posts we will explore paid advertising and describe to you a certain CO-OP advertising opportunity that I am using to build up my team quickly( even while I was on Vacation) before the Blog Beast Launch on 10-11-13 or sooner.

I am making all kinds of mistakes!  I do not understand how to do all the new(out since 2011) advanced, tracking software like, as I usually hire people to do this kind of activity for my agency.  But as an experiment, this time, I decided to learn to do it myself.

Starting from square one, zero, the beginning I am participating in what I consider successful COOP ad campaigns.  What Does Success look like to me.  Getting a sign up, even if they do not pay, and also getting one when they pay and become an Affiliate in Empower Network.  You see according to Lawrence Tam he sees the Life Time Value of a Basic Member as $1140 and I will pay $350 to get $1140 all day long.  It is like printing money.  Now I just have to get more efficient at my new learned skill set.  This is the story of my learning curve…In short, yes you can use COOPs to build your team in Empower Network.  But timing is important, tracking and testing are also important and there will be a learning curve depending upon where you start.

midas touch

Team Take Massive Action Event I learned the “Midas Touch” of Internet Marketing From Joel Straight.  He and his partners, Keith Spencer and Ty Hill have changed my business, drastically, for the better.  ”It was like turning on the faucet and customers came out.”  – Tom Lincoln

Let’s start this journey back at the Team Take Massive Action’s Internet Mastermind Event that was held in Las Vegas.  There I sat next to a Mr Joel Straight.  How do I describe Joel?…He is the definition of a professional salesman, and that is a complement in my book.  The best of the best.  You want him on your team no matter what, period.  He had the drive that I have never seen in the hundreds of other sales professionals that I network with and hire occasionally.

I have a mentor Dan Kreutzer of The Samurai Business Group(see Dan’s information below)that teaches complex sales training.   He has set up successful sales teams all over the world, and has always described the perfect salesperson as having DRIVE, first and foremost!  Joel is the text-book definition of DRIVE.   Needless to say, I was very impressed.

Little did I know that he and his partners, Keith Spencer and Ty Hill, would so dramatically change my business for the better.  It was about a month after Las Vegas, that Joel contacted me about a CO-OP advertising opportunity that he was a partner in, called Team CO-OP Nation.  The halo effect from my meeting Joel previously, was the reason I joined the CO-OP, pure and simple, it just felt right…..586 clicks later, when I only paid for 500 clicks, at seventy cents per click, and since that, being involved in a second team CO-OP Nation, CO-OP ad, and now today, I just paid for a 3rd CO-OP ad campaign.

To date, I have 5 new people that are interested in my business, and 1 new Affiliate from this coop.  If this 51 year-old, technically-challenged, old-guy, can get these kind of results practically anyone can, in my opinion.  My results are not typical of this COOP.  In Fact, they are the Bottom of the Barrel as far as I am concerned, but not because of Team CO-op Nation, they over delivered on their promises to me.

Lawrence Tam said, “When You Try To Do Something Big, It’s Hard to Fail Completely”

That’s what I am doing.  Many people are doing way better than me.  I do not pay much attention to them, as I am growing as a marketer…I may not have to hire my agents  No, I’ll just know more about what they are saying in meetings.  You see, I just do business development, they do the magic!

I still need to learn how to put my capture page links into my, ad rotator, as I did in my last campaign, but did not track any clicks, but,  I got 4 new customers in my Empower Network back office as unpaid members!  Imagine getting customers that easily, it happened for me.  Your results may vary go to our Income Disclosure for average earnings updated daily

I also have to learn how to use as part of this whole process, but even though I do not have all this technology down pat yet, I am still getting people interested in my business and this happened while I was on vacation in the Woods of Door County, Wisconsin.

I will eventually have it set up, and you should too, that traffic will go from my tracker domain, to my url shortener, to, to my destination URL.  That is understanding so far.

I am Very Grateful to all the nice members of Team CO-OP Nation, for all the advice they have given me while I have been setting up campaigns, and for Team CO-OP Nation for finding such great Solo Ad Partners that are delivering, and over-delivering what they say they are going to do.

You trust someone when they do what they say they are going to do, and they under-promise and over-deliver.  So far, that is just what they are doing.

Imagine what YOU can do when YOU  start using Team CO-OP Nation?  The sky is the limit.  There are no guarantees in business.  But having good CO-OP advertising opportunities helps you build a business quickly, as I am living proof.

Team CO-OP Nation is a Good CO-OP.  They have good people running it.  They are always willing to help you figure something out, that may be giving you a problem, and they answer your questions despite being swamped with eager advertisers for Empower Network.  Get in Team Co-Op Nation before it is too late.

I know I haven’t given you all the answers here…but, use the resources within this post to help your business…stay tuned for future posts.

To learn more about my Mentor:
Dan Kreutzer is a Founding Partner of Samurai Business Group, a business development consulting and training company specializing in sales and sales management.  The company provides programs in prospect generation, consultative selling, sales process, inside sales, customer service, sales management, sales organization, sales coaching, and identifying and hiring producers.  He is the published author of “Put the WIN Back in Your SALES” and “Buyer Process Management”.  His new book on sales management will be available in 2013.  He can be reached at 312-863-8580 or or visit

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