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Never Complain Always Be Positive

Winston Churchill used to work from 11 a.m. to whenever he got tired late into the morning. Last night, I worked to 2 a.m. working on Videos I was excited about.  I got up and started to walk my dog Tasha around the block

Then Tasha reminded me of the very first lesson I learned when I started on this path to success in my business……Never Complain.   Stop doing this annoying habit.  Truth be told, people really do not like being with complainers.

Confuse Your Subconscious with the Words Never Complain

But those very words are going to confuse your subconscious.  You see it does not differentiate between good and bad conotations for words.  To your subconscious you talked about complaining, so it focuses on helping you complain.  The Law of Attraction works this way.  It is better to say… always be positive!

You see Tasha did “her business” and I thought we were just going on a nice walk, but she had to stop again on the neighbors yard this time, and I was not in the mood to clean it up…..immediately.

I went into complaining mindset and it felt bad to me.  This is what happens once you realize how toxic complaining is for You.

I have learned not to complain, to always think positive…that is always my intention.  Why? because better, life experiences happen to me when I do.  I can not explain it to you and You and I do not need to understand it.  I just believe it happens and it does.

I know it is so easy to fall back into complaining again, as most people do it.  Next time you are in a group at work or near the “water cooler”  listen to how people talk.  It is complain-speak.  They can not help themselves, no one has pointed this out to them yet.

So, I will take the pledge with you at the end of this post.  OK back to my story……….

You’ll see some of these videos in the future. Some are good, some are really bad, and some are marketing tests. But they will all work. Why?  Because each one speaks to a different set of individuals. As a marketer, I am targeting a response from different types of people.

I’m a marketer and so are you, if you are considering this business. You’re a Marketer…Congratulations! You are here to learn how to become a marketer and an Internet Marketer at that. The good news marketers that get good at their craft make a lot of money, much more than most.

But I digress, The purpose of this post is only to inspire you to have a great day. I think the best advice I can give anyone on this day is to not complain…..ever. Why? Because it is too easy. Today I want you to do an experiment that may surprise you.

Watch people around you. Listen to the conversations they start. You can hear these conversations on the TV or on the radio too. 95% of what you hear is Complaining! Complaining! Complaining! I am about to let you in a little secret that changed my life……are you ready for the secret?

OK here it is. No one, and I mean no one respects a person that complains. There is never a situation that complaining is appropriate.

You see most people are not OK in society while this is sad, it is very true. People are thinking of their lives all the time, they are egocentric, and the reality of their lives is that they are not happy, and that makes them not OK.

Not OK people tend to gravitate toward complaining as a style of conversation. Watch them and you’ll see what I mean.

All of the sudden you will start to pick up on this. People complain as a way of speaking all the time. Do you want to be one of the 2% that become wealthy in this world?….then stop behaving like the other 98%

The 98% complain.

Never Complain


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You are about to embark on a journey down the rabbit hole and out of the Matrix. Watch how people interact with each other and with you.  How often do they complain to each other?  How often are the topics they talk about things to distract them from the pain they are in?

Reality TV? It is meant to distract you, so you do not feel your own pain. Watching TV, same thing. It is meant to be a distraction for the employee. You gave The Boss most your life, so here is a device to numb you so you do not feel bad for giving someone else your time for little money in return.

“My life isn’t that bad” Ever hear yourself thinking that? That is how Jerry Springer has made a mint, because he knows people are generally not OK, and they like to complain all the time. This is a negative emotion, and negative emotions lead to more negative emotions.

So do yourself a favor….Repeat after me.

” I (state your name) promise to never, ever complain again, to be positive always is My intention.

Congratulations!  You are on your way.  Your Hero’s Journey Has Begun!  Way to Go!


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Have a Great Day Guys!

Tom Lincoln

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