1 Way To Prevent Frying Your Motherboard


One Way To Prevent Frying Your Motherboard Is To Turn Off Your Computer

No really, I had no idea when I started seriously blogging, two years ago, what I would be physically doing(melting)to my computer.

I only blogged once or twice a day in the first two years.  

But it was all the long, lessons and seminars, and all the video and audio lessons that I watched,  and listened to on my computer that finally brought it and my business to it’s knees.  

But only for a shorty time.  Luckily I could run my business from anyone’s computer. I borrowed a friends while mine was getting fixed

The first occurrence that was painful was when I filled up an entire C: Drive.  I had decided that I was going to do a 350-video challenge, because I saw another marketer doing a 100 video challenge, and I guess it brought out the competitor in me(LOL).  I completed it, but it ate up so much of my C: Drive that I had to download all my videos onto an external hard drive or crash my computer.

Then, after all that work and hours being on the computer with Camtasia(get that if you do video it is worth the $350 or so dollars at the time of this writing that you will pay for it)that YouTube channel got shut down, so I had to start another YouTube channel. 

Actually I started several new channels(ala Jon Penbernathy method) and will continue to do so.  I will always check off the box that age-restricts my videos so the channel does not get shut down by some hater.  There are people on the Internet that have nothing better to do than shut down your hard work.  You can also put all your videos on Empower Network’s media server.  I do both.  Plus, you could get your own server, but I do not recommend that until you are making at least $30K/month.

But I digress.

prevent frying your motherboard
Turn Your Computer Off Once and A While To Prevent Frying Your Motherboard

You see,  the best way to prevent frying your motherboard is to not use your computer for 18-24 hours a day like I did for two years, as I was building my business.  

OK, I may be exaggerating a little, maybe it was more like 14-22 hours a day.  But in that first year it was definitely full-time and overtime while I was in my “learning phase.”

Tracey Walker talked about the different phases you go through while you are building and online business at The Denver event in 2014:

1) learning phase – watch all the product videos, listen to all the audios, buying products they mention, meeting people in the community that are making at least$30K/month and learning what worked for them

2) Sorting out phase – After you get over being overwhelmed by all the info, then deciding what method or methods you want to specialize in.

3) Testing, measuring and tweaking results phase – starting to get results.  The only results that really matter are sales and money in your bank account, but you will see precursors of increased traffic, more engaged visitors, people staying longer on your posts etc.

4) Monetizing – what you learned after you scale up what worked in the testing phase.

5) Teaching others to do the same.

All that can really wear on your computer, and it did on mine, which is why I fried my motherboard.  But, you can prevent frying your motherboard by not trying to learn it all, every method you find in the products, just pic one and become an expert(10,000 hrs) at that.  But do not do 10,000 hrs. in a row.  Turn off your computer and let it rest.  Rest your mind.  You will better results.  Treat your business like a business, even though you are doing it from the comfort of your home.  Always do income producing activities first each day.  Or, do what works best for you, as it is your business.

 Actually you will always be in learning phase as the Internet is always changing, but once something that get’s you natural or paid traffic, really starts to get you sales, you will start to scale it up and monetize.

I remember, when I went ALL IN( buying all our training products) after two months in Empower Network, that I would watch a training a day, and then do a blog post about what I’d learn, maybe produce a video and then put that in my blog post.

I was also on Google Hangouts every day for many months too.  Why because David Wood said to. I would spend hours syndicating what I’d done, in the hangout, and that all takes it’s toll on a computer.

 Finally, I would share it on social media sites all over the World. Figuring out how to get accepted on Chinese sites and German sites sometimes takes hours(LOL) 

I have to admit I would lose myself “in time” sometimes, literally writing and marketing until I was just about to pass out.   As Justin Verrengia said at a couple of the Empower Network Events, he would work until he crossed out what was on his daily activity list or he passed out.  So, I did the same, but it took it’s toll on my motherboard and it fried.  Best way you can prevent frying your motherboard  is to not do what I did. Plus, my results got better the less time I spent on the computer!

I was having fun, but unknown to me, my motherboard was not.   I would also listen to an Inner Circle audio every day too and still do,  but now I have them burned them onto CD’s and I listen to them while driving, like they tell you to.  Soon all my Inner Circle Audios will be on an iPOD.  I love, love, love listening to them.  The secrets of this industry are shared on them by 6 and 7 figure earners.  Why wouldn’t I love listening to millionaires and future millionaires!  All that activity took it’s toll on my motherboard.

It was just too much, it started, getting bad when the screen would lock up, then started flashing all sorts of pixillated color lines, and eventually it just stopped working.  The kiss of death was when it would not turn on at all(Cr%p)I remember saying to myself out loud!

I tried unplugging the battery from the laptop and powering down the battery and then charging it back up.  That worked once , or twice but not the last time.

It was dead.  When you live, eat, and breathe network and Internet marketing combined, when you go to the bathroom while watching the trainings(come on admit it you’ve all done it)…

…I was at an Empower Network event, in Orlando in 2013 or 2014(can’t remember which one) and David Sharpe asked this question, “How many of you have watched a training while sitting on the toilet?”  I was blown away, by the front of the room where all the leaders sat, almost all of them raised their hands.  I thought is was just me, LOL

But, You know what?   I never needed to work that hard, except to “exercise some kind of demons” out of me, that were telling me I was not good enough to earn a great living online.  Truth is anyone that is willing to follow directions can.

Income Disclosure: Your results will vary. To see average earnings go to http://yourlastjobever.com/income

It was this process  above that Yes, cost me a motherboard but it gave me something much more valuable.  It gave me a sense of peace that I was in the right place at the right time, and after all these years of trying every known entrepreneurial business, I had finally found a community and a profession I could call home.  I had found my passion!  I was finally at peace with who I was, and what I was meant to do with my life.  It is the best feeling in the World…But, be nice to your computers 🙂

So In conclusion

Leaving your computer on all hours of the day and night is not good for You or your computer. You need to take a break and do something else.  

Blogging is a “marathon with some sprints in between”

  ~David Wood

The sprints are where you monetize and we do it every 90 days, so mix it up.  

Your results will be better, after you get out of the learning phase, if you mix it up, and go have fun once and a while!  You’ve earned it.

But, you have only earned it,  when you start to monetize.  

If you are not making money yet, keep going but prevent your motherboard from frying by taking daily, measured, consistent action building your business.  But, still take massive action!  Why? Because massive action is what is required to set you up and your family and your heirs up for life.  

But now that you know what to do, and not to do to get results, take it easy on your computer!

  • Learn
  • Do
  • Teach


Don’t leave your computer on all the time.   Do what you have to do then take a break.  I do not know how long to leave it on safely at a time, but I am trying to keep my activity on the computer to 2-4 hours a day now, and I definitely turning it off.  This way you will prevent my motherboard from frying like it did.

Don’t just take my word for it here is an article about how to prevent frying your motherboard that gave other reasons besides the heat of over-using your computer like I did.  At least that is what my signifigant other told me LOL

So I have a question for you?

1) Have you ever filled up your C Drive or been afraid you were going to?

2) Have you ever watched a webinar while sitting on the porcelain throne? LOL You do not have to answer.  I already know the answer 🙂

3) Have you ever fried the motherboard on your computer?  This one I’d love to have comments about and any ideas you have for preventing frying another one.

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, You are one of us!

I would be honored to have you on our team.  If you think I am nuts, You are definitely right!   But, that will not prevent me from making more money than most people online.  Watch, this is about to get fun!

Your results will vary.  To see average earnings go to http://yourlastjobever.com/income

But, what is fun about this post to me, is how much I love this business.  I love it so much that it totally engrossed me.  I had to force myself to take breaks as I could easily sit at my computer about 22 hrs a day and have plenty to do.

But remember you do not have to.  Do what you need to do then go workout, or take a walk, go see a movie, visit some friends or just go have fun.  

Give your brain and your eyes, and most importantly(since your business depends on having a computer working) prevent your motherboard from frying, because it is embarrassing and no fun.  It only cost like $239, but it was still a painful bill,  because I could have prevented it.

It got me to the place where, now I know what I need to do.   I do it daily, and then I still have time to have a life.  I am still willing to do whatever it takes for as long as it takes.  But now, I am just going to take it a little easier on my computer and try not to fry another motherboard.

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