Quantum Physics In Everyday Life

For Me It Started With The Secret

Actually my first book was Tony Robbins Awaken The Giant Within back in 1993 

Then in 2005 I started to meditate with the Sylvan Mind Method.

Next I read Jack Canfield’s Success Principles, and I studied in Three Weekend Retreats( all the same) at the Wright Leadership Institute in Chicago.

I learned what I love and what I hate there.  I also learned that there are times when you do not have to say a thing.  Leaders will know, when they figure that out 

Next, I started networking and met a man who introduced me to my mentor, Dan Kreutzer of the Sanmurai Business Group.  That is where I learned how to be a successful executive in a complex sales environment.  

From 2005 until today in 2014 I went from being a booth salesman the second I decided I needed to learn how to sell. I started out foolish and boisterous and learned humility, character, Integrity and The Speed of Trust.  I learned the Bushido Code and it is always my intention to follow the code in my business.

 Now I own a marketing agency that has reached many in the World and can be found all over the Internet.  

But it happened in a energy moment I was attracted to becuase long before I decided I wanted it, I saw it and I went for it, not knowing where I would end up.  It was then, in retrospect, that I made a decision I wanted my life to change and it did.

I spoke to and communicated with thoudsands of people in my career, some powerful business leaders and others small business people trying to figure it all out.  

As a sales person and marketer(leadrs are producers) I learned what Robert Kiosaki was talking about when he said that first you need to learn how to sell if you are going to be in business for yourself.

I learned that you learn great lessons by failure in business.  I have failed a ton!! But, I have also had successes because of my failures. I have learned from each failure and I am better off because of it.  

I have probably failed more than you have, but one thing I know for sure, you are ready for a change, right?  That is why you are reading this now.

My energy writing this is one of love and respect for you as a business person and I want you to succeed. But that will ultimately be up to You I am but a bridge to your success.  You must travel on your journey alone.  I will be here to guide you periodically but you must do the work to better yourself first, and you must commit to learning for the rest of your life.  I have.

Back to my story of my metaphysical journey… I continued my reading with Psycho-Cybernetics and The 50th Law.

But it was recently that I revisited my work in quantum physics.  A leader in our company has great energy and a similar, but not exact life story as well.  Paul Gardinier posted the Quantum Mechanics picture you see above on facebook and it’s energy resonated with me.    I did not even know I was doing it, until I read E2...It is a great book on quantum mechanics told in a light-hearted way and that gives you experiments to try along the way to prove to yourself that this energy field potentiality thing is real.  Some will blow your mind!  They have mine.  

It is really helping me believe I was on the right path. The energy in those books attracted me to this life I now have.  I am forever grateful to the Universe, The Force Potential, God, or whatever you believe in.  

Join me…You will figure out how to use this force as well. I do not need to tell you how as the products in the business that you help people buy by making it avilable online(Simple but not easy) tell you how.

You will know what this business and this blog post is all about, when you push the yellow button on this page and follow directions.

Most people will not do this.  I am not writing this for them.  But, you are ready for a change in your life. You are one of the 8% that will take action when you are ready, really ready for a change for the better in your life and the lives of your family. You will when you decide you are done with the past and you want and need change.  See you on the other side.

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