Remove Rust From A Car

Remove Rust From A Car

Using normal Cola( I will not say which brand you can experiment) you can remove rust from the chrome of a bumper.  Cola is an acid.  You are using this acid to dissolve the rust.  Rust is not that strong the acid just helps it go faster.  

Watch the video until the end and you will be amazed( the first part of the video is not that remarkable bit the end result is!) at how clean this rusty bumpler becomes

I love science and kiutchen  chemistry like tis.  I got my start in life as Mr. Wizard’s assistant, from Nickelodean TV.  I would ytravel the East Coast of the US and do science demonstrations for Elementary and Junior High School aged children.

Basically, I would blow stuff up and talk about the science involved or I would do some kind of science demonstratin while talking aboyt what eas happening just like Mr Wizard, Don Herbet would do.

The fun part was after the show I would have lines of children waiting for my autograph.  Sometimes I would be signing autographs for 30 minutes.

This video reminded me of that.  I love sharing videos I find interesting with the World and making an income because I do.  If you would like to learn how you can do the same thing click the yellow button on this page and listen to David tell you more.  You may have to enter you email in  a box to se the video.

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