Revolutionary Book – The 3000 Year-Old-Secret

Because people need to know the truth and be given a choice about how they want to live their life as a follower or a self-leader!
  1. The 3000 Year Old Secret

    For over 1 million years, humans have been governed by Mother Nature. But 3000 years ago humans began to become civilized. The smarter of the humans at the time learned that they could control others by supplying them with what they needed to survive.

    These authorities then were raised up in human society as leaders and their livelihood was assured propelled by the work of the common person.

    The common person lost their ability to self-lead and became complacent with following leaders and authorities. People started working for others and became accustomed to this false security of following someone else, instead of embracing a self-leader role in society.

    This is the 3000-year-old secret, since the beginning of civilization the wool has been pulled over most people’s eyes.

    It is time for the geniuses of society, the small business owners, to take back their self-leader status. It is time for You if you are still reading this to chart your own path in society.

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  2. The 12 Visions Party

    This is The Replacement Movement along with the Prime Law and The Prime Cure.

    This amendment to the Constitution will outlaw initiatory force. It will drastically cut entitlements and make the government budget protection only the way it was originally designed.

    You see, The Constitution is almost perfect except for one hole the founding fathers forgot to plug up. They forgot that man and women get greedy for power and money, one of our human flaws.

    The Prime Law outlaws initiatory force, meaning no one can force you to do anything you do not want to do. No authority, no lawmakers, no entity, no government.

    This used to be the way the country was run, until World government and it’s political parties took over. Remember Don’t Tread On Me?

    Our Founding Fathers would have never wanted to see the corruption that has been perpetrated in the name of “for our own good

    A truly free market in all areas of society, all industries is what is needed to bring our World economy back to greatness, and it will get rid of a need to be governed.

    The only need will be to be protected against initiatory force from other countries. And if wanted, each person will have a choice as to whether they want this protection.

    In the vision of the 12 visions party, you will truly be free to live the way you deem fit. That is the premise of this book.

    I have just started to read this book along with the NeoThink philosophy( brilliant system of producing more with the same time) and I have to say I am truly intrigued by it’s possibilities for all people including the poor to live like Millionaires.

    I highly recommend you read this book and let me know what you think.

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Whether you believe a revolution like this is possible for society is neither here nor there. Time and the will of the geniuses of society will prove it true or false.

But, the blog you are reading, is part of a much larger movement of geniuses, around the World, that have figured out a way to become the best version of themselves and live beyond their current awareness. To live their dreams while they are still young enough to enjoy it.

If you are ready for a life like this

you will need to learn new skills outside of working for authorities.

You will need to learn how to be a self-leader.

If you are ready I will be your guide beyond your awareness.

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