Rich Dad Poor Dad Income Level Marketing Business

Rich Dad Poor Dad Income Level Marketing Business

What income level are you currently?  What is the difference between an asset and a liability.  These are some of the main points I read about today in my daily reading.  Why do I read?  Because I have a marketing business.  Marketers are smart people, I know I hire them, but only the really good ones.

Back to my original question of you.  What Income level are you.  Look at the three income levels in the rough pictures below:

1) The Poor or People Living In The Lifestyle of Poverty

2) The Middle Class -People Being Squeezed From Both Sides

3) The Rich – If You Are Here From A Job

So what is the answer?  

Become Part Of The New Rich.

They have learned how to leverage the:

1) Power of The Internet

2) Insane compensation Plans of Network Marketing

3) Incorporate the Time Freedom aspect to break out of the “S” quadrant and have your business working for you.  You will build up enough assets on the Internet that you will see income coming into your bank account over the $501,000 level.

Interested in becoming part of the New Rich?  Then click the link below and listen to Dave tell you more:


Your results will vary. You are the varibale. To see average earnings updated daily go here:

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