Ryan Higa and His Story

Ryan Higa and His Story

In this blog we celebrate the spirit of fun this young man exhibits as he tells his story.  That is the beauty of this business.  People are telling their story all over the World, just like Ryan.

I’d like to Thank and Celebrate Ryan Higa aka Nigahiga and YouTube  for this next video.  This guy has more talent in his little finger than most people will ever have in there life.  Enjoy his life story on white board above and get ready for his How to sing like your favorite artist video after,   Hilarious!

Ryan Higa and His Story

I’d like to Thank Ryan Higa and Youtube for this next Video that is absolutely hilarious!  Enjoy it’s the Weekend!  Don’t worry it gets better than the first scene.  Enjoy How To Sing Like Your Favorite Artist.  If you’d like to share cool YouTube or other video to make your  living:

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Ryan Higa and His Story

Ryan tells his story just like you can tell your story.  The Internet makes all things possible.  Check out Ryans other videos on his two different channels.

Ryan Higa and His Story

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Ryan Higa And  His Story










Ryan Higa and His Story

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And Finally I’d Like to end this post by showing you another of his hilarious videos.  Afterall It’s The Weekend you gotta have fun! I’d like to thank YouTube and Ryan Higa for this next Video

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