2 Prosperity Team Bonus Trainings Hacks That Can Give New Members Extra Help Getting Started

Because sometimes new members think they need extra help. This will allow them to not have to be a guru to give their new members the help they need, by pointing them in the right direction.


The new member must first learn sales skills.  Remember they do not want to sell.  They do not know about selling High Ticket items.  If they did they would not ask.   This happened to me today.  Help them by pointing them to the Empower Network products.  Let the 30K/month earners do the training.  You make the commissions until your sales skills will ghet you to that level.

  1. Prosperity Team $25/month Bonuses

    When you join Empower Network on our team, Da Vinci Marketers/Prosperity Team. You get extra bonus training based on the product level you purchase. The more products you purchase the more sales and marketing training you get.

    Simple. Not easy. You still have to watch the videos and do what they say. You still have to do the work, until you can sit on the beach and drink a Mai Tai and have $25 sales coming in. You get 70% commission for every sale you make.

    hack image
    We are Da Vinci Marketers/Prosperity Team/ Click on The Picture To Join.
  2. The Inner Circle level Prosperity Team Bonuses

    When you get in and get the Inner Circle Audios as well as the viral blogging system you get:

    1) A place to call your own on the Internet from which you can riun all your operations

    2) Mindset and strategy training from 5, 6 and 7 figure earners they teach you the sales skills necessary to win

    3) all these Bonuses from Prosperity Team.

    hack image
    Just screen shots of our back office. Click on the picture to Join.
These are all the bonuses you get access to besides the amazing, life changing, sales skills, training you get when you buy the Empower Network products. These are just the bonuses from the first two products. Imagine what you get when you join our team and get more products…You will really never have to do a training for a team member except to refer them to their Prosperity Team Back Office and to the products in Empower Network.
If this sounds like the kind of network marketing/affiliate marketing business you want to be in, and you atre ready to invest in the education about things you are not aware of yet:
1) Go to the link above and look at what is possible in your business.
2) Click the button or find the link at the bottom that talks about joining
3) click that link and follow the pages that appear until you find the button that allows you to join our team
If you have trouble with those directions look me up on facebook.
I am linc1618 Tom Lincoln and I look forward to guiding you toward success with the right products.

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