Salsa Dancing

Salsa Dancing Changed Her Life

Do not click away too soon or you will miss this amazing Salsa dancing video that had the audience in London in shock and awe and admiration for what these two dancers can do.

This 80 year old widow took up Salsa dancing after her husband passed away as a “way to try something different”

The Salsa Dancing Video you see above is the result.

One of the panelists pushed her golden button which put these two amazing dancers into the live finals for Britain’s Got Talent, Simon’s hit television show.

This particular salsa dancing video will start slow.Do not click away too soon or you will miss probably the best salsa dancing aerials I have ever seen, and I have attended Salsa Congressos in my life so I have seen a fair amount of the best dancers from all around the globe.  Brilliant just Brilliant dancing in this Salsa dancing video

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