Samurai History and Bushido Code As It Relates To Your Business

Samurai Warriors

Ancient Samurai Warriors lived by a code of honor that works well for people in any business today.  If we all lived by this code we would all trust business people more.  Sales professionals should particularly pay attention to this practice, as they have the most to lose(commissions, clients) if they do not.

The Bushido Code was taught to me by mentors Dan Kreutzer, and Robert Lambert of The Samurai Business Group and I now teach them to you in the hope it will help you and your team for years to come.

Why bother, you might be asking yourself right now.

The answer is simple.  When the majority of people first begin a business they have no idea how or where to start.  By starting each member off with these principles, you set the tone and the bar is raised very high as far of the high ethical nature of your business.

These principles will also help your team stay together when they run into troubles, hurdles or obstacles that all business owners run into.  Any business owner that tells you they had no troubles or obstacles is either:

1) Telling a Lie
2) Trying to sell you something
3) Both

Let them save face and run as fast as you can in the other direction when you hear this.

Bushido Code


Do the right thing because it is the right thing and no other reason.

No Fear allowed in business.  Fail forward faster and you will achieve success faster. Period.

Learn service before self.  It cured the World of polio and it will do wonders for your life and business.  Provide value first.

We are all the same inside respect your prospects, customers and competition

Mean what you say and do what you say.

No mind.

Associated virtues

Belief in a power greater than yourself in the Universe

This comes with time and experience.  Learn from your failures.

  • Fraternal Respect ( tei?)

Respect your leaders as they have produced the results you want to achieve

Taken from Wikepedia

The ancient Samurai culture has a fascinating history to tell,  from their Bushido philosophy based in a Buddist religion to the story of how samurai swords have gone through innovation after innovation, to end up with a true work of art hard enough to take a razer edge when sharpened,  but flexible enough in the core to be able to withstand great forces in battle.  The two different traits made this a formidable weapon in for the Samurai Warrior.

Samurai ruled Japan for over 1000 years.  They have endured, or their philosophy has endured to modern day Japan.  The Samurai is an honored and revered part of Japanese culture.  There is much we can learn from the Samurai.  I’d like to thank Youtube and LanXang Siengkhene for this very thorough and interesting documentary on the Samurai

The Bushido Code for 2015 and Beyond

Foundation or Roots

You must have a strong set of core values, otherwise you will be fooled by many that will try to take advantage of you in business situations.  You gain this by reading and listening to audios daily.


You do what you say you are going to do when speaking to yourself and others


You must be good at producing results in business and in life


Do the right thing in business( you know right from wrong) but remember life is lived best on the edge and in the grey areas.  Never judge another human being.

No Mind

You do not think about how to do it.  You just do it because of all the repetition and practice.  It becomes like breathing.
This is when you are becoming a master in your craft.

Appreciate The Arts

Take time to enjoy life, travel, watch theater performances, symphony concerts, recreate, when the sprint is done.  Set goals and reward yourself for accomplishing those goals.


Fear is your worst enemy.  You will even justify your fear at some instances.  Never let it slow you down.  Do not be afraid to fail.


Move forward every day.  The only people that do not succeed in business are the ones that quit.


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