SEO Ranking For Your Network Marketing Blog Post| Don’t Use These Ideas

SEO Ranking For Your Network Marketing Blog Post

When trying to rank on the front pages of any search engine it is important to remember, first do keyword and research:

1) Individual words will be harder to rank for make your long-tail keyword phrases at least three words long.

2) You have three choices of low, medium and high competition keyword phrases –  Choose low competition and at least 1,000 to 25,000 searches per month.  That way you are blogging on a topic( the long-tail keyword phrase) that people are searching for.

3) You can combine two long-tail keywords phrases but you must keep it to within 60 characters or it will not do well in SEO.

4) It is the slug that is crawled by the search engines that must be a minimum of 60 characters.  The title of your blog post can be longer and should be chosen to attract your customers.  It should shout, “Hey You over Here Read Me”

Below is my blogging from when I first started in 2013.   I can not believe how far I have traveled on this blogging adventure since then.  I will always be learning and staying current.  Prepare to laugh.  I thought I was doing well.  I did not know for a year I was logged into Google instead of an incognito window while checking my rankings.  Now in 2015 I legitimately end up on page one of Google, then in 2013 not so much.  It only took me 86 blogs to get to this understanding.  Glad I learned it while I am still young.  There is a lot of money to be made with well done blogging.

BELOW ARE EXAMPLES OF BAD BLOGGING IDEAS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


So far with using my blogging system I am ranking o the 3rd page in Google Search for the key word barn babes and my title was:

if-you’d-rather-be-riding-horses-rather-than-anything-else-you-might-be-a-barn-babe-barnbabe-com  LOL maybe I’d better focus this my long-tail keyword choices better.

Google suggests the following (Thank You to Google for the following:)

Searches related to Barn babes

extremely hot barn babes videos  Probably porn related no

barn babes parties    These are little kids animal themed birthday parties   NO Australian website has this wrapped up #1,#2,#3 spot.

barn babes children NO

barn baby NO

That was page two.  I noticed that Page two of Google for the long-tail keyword had videos and pictures titled with Barn Babes.  These are of the same group of younger girls and teenagers that you might find in any barn riding their ponies barback, doing barn races.  A great audience for their parents who want to pay for these horses, but I do not want the teenage audience as customers(Sorry Guesse…12 year old Empower Network super star)  I wonder what would happen if I target parents of Barn Babes…Lets Google it

Results:More of the same, but I found a blog that I want to find the author of Called Bridle Path.  Great traffic 900,000 hits multiple links(maybe too many after Panda/penguin?) from 2008.  I wonder if she would like to exchange articles and links…still not quite sure about this link exchange thing.  Tried to find her on Facebook, instead found Bridle Path Estates(Million Dollar Mansions really cool!)  Ok back to work.

I ended up on Page three after two weeks….hmmm  More work to do, but there is definitely a huge market for this concept…More research and action on this one we’ll be done while I’m taking massive action to produce leads.  Remember leads are the lifeblood of your business.

The next keyword I am going to check on in Google page rank is my third most trafficked post… linkedintm.  Let’s see how it did, I was surprised by how many people visited it quickly in a matter of days.  I’d like to Thank

Google for this image  My first experiment with Jing!

SEO Ranking 5-25-13

I got lucky!

That means I ranked number #1 for that keyword and look 161,000 people searched for that.  You can do this too by using Google Keyword Tool

  1. Click –>Here<–
  2. Enter your email address in the box
  3. Watch the free video that shows you how’
  4. Get in and start blogging

I am very excited about this result( and I was getting kind of tired so now i’m all excited)  let’s check out my number 4 most trafficked blog post

make-money-blogging  lets’s see where it ranks:  Well, learned that Google only lets you go out 44 pages, and I still didn’t find my article…LOL  I have to laugh at that tough keyword, stay away from that one!  Rob Fore and I believe David Wood mentioned that in The 15K Formula.

Let’s keep going in my Googe Analytics rankings #5 proposal-marriage   page 10 of 117,000,000 searches.  needs work  like all of them do.  Time to go back to article marketing with these keywords linked back to this blog.  Hubpages, Squidoo, Ezine articles and others that Rob Fore talks about in the $15K Formula.


# 6 Google Analytics  how to make a ball pit in your living room  Page #2 Top this one needs more articles too.

#7 hunter and jumper nowhere to be seen…LOL  The state associations crushed this one.  But it reconfirmed my notion that this is a huge market.   I will start looking for guest bloggers that really know about each discipline of horseback riding.


END OF EXAMPLES OF BAD BLOGGING IDEAS>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I thought they were a good idea, but they did not help solve the problems of network marketers.  Our products help solve these problems, so it would have been a better idea to write about solutions to problems:

1) Not producing sales using traditional network marketing tactics and strategies or making the process painful and embarrassing.

2) Not having a good mindset for network marketing

3) Not building teams that last of more than 5 people and then they all quit

4) Gaining mass influence in your company and in the industry.


If you’d like to see what I use to deal with these common problems for network marketers and you have your credit card in hand and are ready to buy whether you’ve made $1 or 1 million dollars in this industry, you are ready to change your marketing strategy to have more time with the people you care about.  You want to turn your marketing on autopilot once you build up the system enough.  If this is you click here


Your last job ever is to run a very successful business while you have a life at the same time.


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