Sharknado Blu Ray Movie

Sharknado in Blu-Ray

Sometimes “ya just gotta share.”  Definitely see this video on Blue Ray for a much crisper, clearer picture of this hilarious movie, that will probably go down in the movie history boks as a cult classic.    This movie was Tweeted like 111,000 times while playing last night.  Then of course others had to get on board the Sharknado band wagon by making spoofs of it and suggesting trailers and sequels to it.  This kind of thing goes viral.  I just saw it on CNBC(I turn it on while eating)  Hilarious! Enjoy!  I’d like to thank YouTube and MachinimaETC for this hilarious video!

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Spinoffs of Sharknado included Sharknado too violent for Tv, and Best Celebrity Sharknado Jokes, DinoShark, and of Course Sand Shark.  I think the funniest line in the movie last night was, “We need to put a bomb in the middle of the tornado”  too funny!  I also felt the acting in this was probably really hard to do without laughing.

Here are some of the Sharknado Jokes that are out there now.  I’d like to thank ENTV and YouTube  for this hot off the press coverage of Sharknado Celebrity Jokes on Twitter.  They also gave some great stats o how fast Tweets were going out last night.

It was also interesting to see the use of #’s on Twiter namely Mia Farro’s #Sharnado , or Olivia Wild’s Tweet at Elizabeth Banks #SharknadoTwo

One thing is for sure.  This crazy spoofy movie sure has created a lot of Buzz in Hollywood and Wall Street.  It is bound to go Viral.  I certainly enjoyed a good laugh.  Oh, and sorry for your loss, Horatio Sans, my condolences to you and your family for your tragic loss in 93 when your cousin was tragically killed by a #Sharknado, #RamonRIP.

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