Lessons I Learned From Social Entrepreneurs Joe Chance And Brian Couch

These two social entrepreneurs both taught me valuable marketing lessons online.


  1. The first social entrepreneur lesson I learned was from Brian Couch, the younger one(sorry Joe)

    You see if it were not for me stretching way outside my comfort zone and attending a mastermind in Miami at a condo, that we rented, I never would have met so many wonderful leaders. Brian taught me that I had been blogging the wrong way, thinking I was ranking on Google on the first page when I really was not. I was logged into my Google account so of course my posts were on the first page.

    Boy, was I embarrassed, for a small time as I am an entrepreneur, and being a social entrepreneur means you:

    1) need to learn how to be social

    2) you need to learn it is OK to make mistakes and learn from them and then never repeat them again.

    This is what I learned from Brian Couch:

    1) make sure you are logged out of Google when you check to see how you are ranking

    2) Do not try to rank for millions, test what works best start with a thousand searches for your keyword phrase in a month with low competition

    3). Find the keywords that are at least two words or more long( and more can allow you to rank for more keywords all from the same post if you do it the right way)

    4) I can not tell you about the tactics he taught me when I paid to learn them. You had to have a ticket to the next event. So I will make you the same offer he made me. If you can prove that you:

    A. Are on my team in Empower Network

    B. That you have a ticket to the next event I will share with you
    his tactics. Some people would call them secrets if they were trying to be hypey, but they are marketing tactics plain and simple. There are no secrets in marketing, just people that do not have the same awareness yet of these tactics.

    All you have to do are those two things above and I will be your guide to beyond your current awareness.

    Social Entrepreneurs
    Joe and Brian Masterminding

The next lesson is that Joe Chance is a tremendous marketer and networker toward influential people. He and Brian shared their technique for using edification, getting the attention of leaders in the industry is a good way to gain the attention, of influential people using social entrepreneur, authority, edification.

Plus, it is just cool to get around famous and brilliant marketers!  The really cool thing is when you realize they are normal people just like you that made a decision to join a system,  and they work the system daily.  That is what they will say, but they truly are brilliant marketers.  You will always be learning and I like that too about this industry.

By using the main social networks and acknowledging, and edifying great work by authorities, not only do you help them by increasing the attention on them from consumers, thereby helping them with their business, but You also secondarily, draw attention or awareness at a beginning level, to yourself. What this means is people start to associate You with leaders, and by doing so You start to become a leader.

I had a young man find me this way last night and he was very interested in my business.  I asked him why he chose me.  He mentioned that he saw I was friends with Brian and another lady I was friends with on facebook.   Small World! 😉

It was a trip the first time I heard Brian and Joe tell me I was a leader and a visionary *Blushes* I’m just Tom.  We own two horses, so scooping Poop a lot cleaning stalls at shows reminds me of that LOL.   I just like marketing and helping people empower themselves.  I would be glad to see people do better than me!

Using social entrepreneurship is a great way to become better at your business online. And some of the skills you learn online can definitely help your offline business as well.


I have posted a ton on the following social networks:

1) facebook

2) YouTube

3) Pinterest

4) Instagram

5) Tumblr

6) LinkedIn

7) StumbleUpon

…Plus Many More too numerous to mention.  Maybe in another post 🙂


( this list in only the main ones)


Because of this action(massive action is essential to get results) people are finding me, and searching for my company and interacting with our marketing agency page on LinkedIn.   When that happened,  I thought back to that day, the day I was a social entrepreneur, when  I clicked on the picture of a talking cow, that Mack my sponsor had posted on facebook, and it took me to a capture page, where I put in my email address, and hit return only to be taken to a slick video, followed up the next day with a link in an email I clicked, which brought me to a video page that showed a professional businessman, mack discussing the real business of marketing and advertising I related to, and I was hooked.

Social Entrepreneurs Mack and Chuck Marshall My Sponsors
Social Entrepreneurs Mack and Chuck Marshall My Sponsors

There is another lesson from the Master of Online Marketing Mack Mills,  my sponsor, pictured here with my other sponsor Chuck Marshall, a Million Dollar earner in Empower Network. The Lesson – Stimulate Then Educate.  That is a golden nugget for sure. Mack has collected email lists totaling in the hundreds of thousands of people.  I am not sure how big Chuck’s list is, but I bet it is huge.  



That is a golden nugget for sure. Mack has lists in the hundreds of thousands of people.  I am not sure how big Chuck’s list is, but I bet it is huge.  

Income Disclosure:  There is no guarantee in any business.  To see average earnings go here www.yourlastjobever/income


Where do you meet these master marketers?  Answer, at our events, and in The Inner Circle Audios.

They say you will earn the average of the 5 people you hang around.  I am choosing  to associate with Millionaires.

That is another lesson:

Always be building your network and list.

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