Speed Blog- How to Twerk

Speed Blog- How to Twerk

After my recent trip to Las Vegas and being invited to an exclusive club, I realized that I am behind the times.  I need to learn some new dance moves.  Or at least know what the ladies on the dance floor are doing.  So for your educational pleasure I present to you the Twerk!  I have no idea if guys are supposed to Twerk or not.  I’d like to thank YouTube and Howcast for this instructional dance video on how to Twerk.

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I used to be a dance instructor so it was good seeing her say 5,6,7, 8 while showing the move. I am assuming this is a move for the ladies.. Comment to this old guy and tell me if I’m right, or if I need to get these old stunt man bones moving like that in the video….LOL Can you see me dropping it like it’s hot? ROTFL

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