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Stand Up Guys Movie Review


I’d like to YouTube and Fresh Movie Trailers for this excellent trailer of the movie Starring Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin a fabulous trio of comedy and action…OLD SCHOOL! It was a great Movie  but I curse the day the writer was born for the ending of this movie.   Just kidding 😉 It was brilliantly written.

If you enjoyed the trailer the movie is even better.  It starts with Al Pacino getting out of prison after 28 years for a crime that was a complete accident.  A Member of organized crime, “You don’t say Nothin” I paraphrase here.

Christopher Walkin Plays his Best Friend that comes to pick him up.  You can imagine what an old mob guy wants to do after he gets out of the joint. He wants to party and relive old times.  The way he goes about it is hilarious!  They meet up with some old friends and some new ones along the way on their journey.  I would be telling too much and ruin the movie for you, but there are twists and turns in the plot and you find yourself feeling sorry for the bad guys in this movie.  Seems to be a theme in Hollywood lately.

I think You will really enjoy this movie, that if you know anything about Christopher Walkins films, they all have this weird, wonderful vibe about them, kind of a funny dementia of sorts, in a cool way, kind of eclectic.

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