Can You Really Succeed With 11 Network Marketing Tips and Ideas?

 11 Network Marketing Tips and Ideas



Money In A Home Based Business


1.  Blogging Every Day  making sure there is a call to action in each blog.  Remember You are in sales to sell products.

2. Advertising Campaign -If You do not let people know You exist You have no Business.

3.Work Your Ass Off( in the beginning 3 months or “90 days”)

4.  Be on the Monday Night calls.  Plug Yourself in and listen..  These are the closest things to secrets that were heard in Chicago.  In Chicago, I saw results that were believable!  When Vic Comes on be on the call!  When any of the leaders calls in listen to them, they have made money and You have not.  Do You think You should swallow Your pride, stop beating Your head against the wall and do what they tell You.

5.  Read the books they tell You about.  Make a list of them and read every single one.

The Greatest Manifestation Principle in The World

The 50th Law

Tracey Walker recommended them.  She is a Million dollar earner and one of the most gracious speakers I have ever listen two in multiple locations and every time to a legitimate standing ovation.

6.  Commit to habits that make You Successful!

7. Formal education teaches You how to learn,  unfortunately that’s it.  In this business You get the added benefit of You earn as You learn.

8.  Become the earner You want to be.  Recruit Up.  Learn Up.  When You get to the level of self development of a million dollar earner, You will Earn a Million dollars see our income disclosure at


9.  Get All In You are leaving so much potential money on the table if You don’t.   You will as soon as You recruit someone that gets all in before You do.

10.  Why are You in Business?  What do You really want?  You need to figure it out and not just to make a lot of money.  What are the benefits of that to You.  It’s different for each person.

After over 730 contacts of customers for Chad Ockstadt I can vouch for that, yet there are similarities of people, both that do not join and those that do.  If they want to only make in the hundreds of dollars, to about $1,000 total they are not serious enough to really do what it takes to make it in this industry, but, do not stifle them.

You have great products.  If you do not quit.   You can not sell something you do not believe in, or you shouldn’t in my opinion.  I had to learn from many different company experiences how to run a business and they will too, but you can be assured that they are getting the right education.


Believe that everyone is a Diamond


You never know when a million dollar earner starts from nothing because of circumstances in their life.  Give everyone a chance and believe they all can be diamonds, because they all can.  That does not mean they will but they can if they apply themselves properly under proper market conditions just like in any business.  Remember 98% of all businesses go out of business.  Online it is about 94%.  I like those numbers I get excited about those numbers!  If you do too and you want to start a business click here

11.  I have been learning for 20 years!  It is time to start making massive amounts of money with it!  My first goal of $20,000/month was way too low.  Vic is making 300,000/month.  My first goal is $100,000/month by 2016, and My second Goal is a long term goal.  Before I die, I will make a $24,000,000 deal with Empower Network as the Catalyst.  I intend to make $500,000/month with Empower Network within 10 years or better.


My first goal in Empower Network has been accomplished -To become more comfortable writing.  I gotta tell You.  I have always been a creative writer but I’d get F’s in grammar, even in College I’d get A++ content and F in grammar.    I recently downloaded Grammarly Lite( cause it’s free)  I think I’ll look into upgrading to the paid version.  It Rocks!  (I make nothing by sharing this, just sharing what I found, hope it helps You)

If making money in your business isn’t easy you are’n’t doing it right.  You will still have to work to build your business.  I can guide you to resources that will make it less painful.  If this interests you Click Here

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