Successful Guerilla Marketing and Top Companies to Watch for 2014

Guerilla Marketing For Your Start-up Business

First let me thank YouTube and AdRoll for this great video and for the AdRoll leaders that organized a great panel of marketers for us to learn from.

 This is the current conversation of marketing strategies available today in 2014.  Not everyone, as was said many times on this panel, even knows it can be done.

 Here is a list of experienced marketers that were on this panel.  This is the level of, and depth of conversation that my agents( I own a small marketing agency) speak in always.  You can imagine what my head feels like,  after I get out of a meeting with them.  I have between 30 – 50 of this level, brilliant marketer available for any-sized campaign.  I am still not sure why they agreed to work with me, as contractors, but hey, I’m not complaining.

The good news is that Empower Network is right on top of all of this level of marketing strategy and they have an ace up their sleeve for you I will describe in the end.

In the last two years led by David Wood and David Sharpe, founders, and now Jonathan Cronstedt, from Digital Marketer(affectionately known a JCron) together they have built up such a huge marketing community of 250,000 marketers, now spanning the globe, that it is a font of marketing strategy knowledge that I am tapping into and you should too.  People come in looking for ways to make extra money online and leave with a Masters-level education in Marketing, and a list of people they can mastermind with for the rest of their lives…Priceless. Actually they only leave if they quit.  The money starts and keeps rolling in once you reach critical mass with your online assets.  

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I’m not messing this up!  It os too good to do any other way. 

Once you get the basics of what the panelists are talking about above you will be off and running toward great results in your marketing efforts

I was really impressed with their candor and honesty of this panel.  They said it the way it is in the “Wild West” that is the Internet.  The way they think about guerilla marketing online is the way it is.  They called it “Hacks”, when you get right down to it, all of it is marketing strateegies pure and simple.  

Listen to the way they spoke.  This is the way all agency meetings sound.  On this stellar panel were:

“Adam Berke, AdRoll – Cost effective retargeting option for start-ups,great marketer and spoke at SXSW to a packed house!

Hiten Shah, KISSmetrics Loved his honesty! – His company is the marketing metrics education and analytics system leader as far as I am concerned.

Ilana Stern, Weddington Way-Listen to her over and over if you have too, she shared so much great information. I loved how she described her customer as she, and how they did the market research the right way, and dug into the demographics and psychographics of the customers they want to reach

Terry Whalen, CPC Search” – Same thing here.  Terry shared some huge golden nuggets of information and “hacks” or stellar, marketing strategies for your company to use. Listen to him over and over. Better yet go meet him.

This was the copy under their YouTube channel great information for any start-up

“With the increased availability of self-service platforms, companies now have access to many of the same tools that had previously only been available to Fortune 500 brands and Madison avenue agencies. The trick is figuring out which ones make sense for your business, and how to best use them. In this session, we’ll walk you through the current state of the online ad technology ecosystem, give you the inside scoop on the latest and greatest online ad technologies, and share the top marketing hacks (Facebook, SEO/SEM, display, retargeting, etc.) without breaking the bank.”

Truly one of the best conversations on Ad Hacks and paid advertising and so much more, that I have seen in a long time.  

Kudos to all the great marketers that were in the panel.  Watch this panel over and over again and listen to the nuances they shared.  They go fast because they are so brilliant and it is all second nature to them, and there is a lot of a learning curve, with the lingo,  if you are not a marketer…but if you listen to it enough times, and Google terms you do not understand you will get and encyclopedia of how marketing is done in 2014.

I also recommend contacting these companies and doing what they suggest.  They know their craft.

Now, lets take a look at and see what their website traffic is like. Marketing is all about doing what they said to do in their panel.  We all “Mastermind” with each other.  I loved their honesty about that! Bravo to the panel!

Adroll  ranked globally 3,737

Kissmetrics ranked globally 1,838

Weddington Way ranked globally 117,619

CPC Search  ranked globally 2,032,928

As they talked about in this video above. Start-ups have limited budgets before they get first-level financing.   You do what you have to in order to survive.  You as a business owner need to decide what you are trying to accomplish.  Is it traffic, leads or sales? Do you want to be ranked globally for website traffic as measured by

The “marketing mix” that you choose, as these fantastic marketers described so well, will indicate the results that you get as an outcome. No emotion involved. It is, do, measure, tweak, scale up.  That is how customers that are looking for what you sell find you.

Thank you again to this wonderful panelists of state of the art marketing sectors that include, the retargeting sector, the marketing metrics and SEO sector, the Weddington Way sector as Ilana Stern described it, and the PCP Search sector.

Now let’s look at the site you are looking at right now.  is globally ranked 475 with 50,000 sites linking into it.

My individual blog on their site is ranked globally, and it is certainly not pretty, by choice( I want newbies to not think they have to have everything pretty right away to make money) once they start making 30K/month then they a make it pretty

my site is globally ranked 485,893 and growing in traffic every day.  I would have never been able to do tis without Empower Networks link juice and wonderful training, and the advice shared by amazing marketers in this community.

For the FTC: Results not typical. To see average earnings updated daily go here

(When you grow this fast you have to keep all the governing agencies happy and we like being transparent, so people have no mis-understanding)

If you would like to use the “link juice of your own empower network blog that you can set up so it is branded the way you want it to be branded,  then click the link below.  You can start using our link juice for as little as $25/month. You heard that right.  Get started before they come to their senses lol

There are also some killer courses inside on beginning through advanced marketing and global organization structuring, for between $500 – $3500. All total, you can get a “Masters-level education” in online marketing for as little as $4625 plus and additional $175 dollars/month.  For a start-up this is very affordable.

Or you can pay a consultant.

This really is “The Holy Grail” for any start-up that needs to be found on the Internet.

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Your results will vary. To see average earnings updated daily go here



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