Super Conductivity ASTC

Super Conductivity AST

This brought me back to my days working for Mr. Wizard’s(From Nickelodeon TV) touring Education Program in Grammar and Jr High Schools across the East Coast and Midwest of the US, and the subsequent science demonstration , and science education jobs at Cranbrook Institute of Science, Shedd Aquarium and Museum of Science and Industry.

By the Way,ASTC stands for Amerian Science Teachers Conference held each year in the US.

Super Conductivity ASTC

I use to do similar demonstrations that you will see in this video in Museums, but not this cool!  I love the train track demonstration!

I’d like to thank YouTube Geek Week and ASTCvideos for this awesome video

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Super Conductivity ASTC

This video is on a loop so watch the rest of these videos as well.  Carl Sagan talking about the evolution of our human species and the need to overcome certain human problems on Earth before we venture into the cosmos, Liquid Oxygen and Charcol demonstration and Water on the ISS space station.  All great videos

Super Conductivity ASTC

I think why I am sharing this with you is to tell you a little bit about my story.  I was born the son of a metallurgical engineer.  My father was a brilliant man that worked in the corporate environment.  To his credit, he developed 22 different patents in his lifetime, all dealing with the heat treating of various metals, using different chemical gases and temperatures to physically or chemically, depending on your perspective of chemistry vs physics running the natural law of the Universe, change the metal to make it harder or softer for purposes of making car parts, tank parts or anything else that was mass produced out of metal.

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Super Conductivity ASTC

I remember vividly going into my Dad’s lab on Saturday mornings and looking at metals on his microscope.  While other kids were out playing my Dad and I were doing chemistry experiments at the kitchen table.  It was cool!  He used to bring chemicals home from work that we did experiments(I thought at the time I was 5-6, now I know they were science demonstrations.  But they were using real chemicals from his lab so it was Badass.

Super Conductivity ASTC

I guess it is his taking the time to teach me his love of science and my Grandma doing the same from a natural history and biology perspective that has made me the science Geek that I am today.  I love writing about science!  I love learning new things!

Super Conductivity ASTC

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Super Conductivity ASTC



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